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Guys, I’ve been looking at a meta search engine called searxng. It does private search of several search engines. I’ve been testing it and noticed that does not show up in most google searches.

We need to fix this. I have a couple questions:

  1. Do we have google analytics setup correctly?
  2. Are we setup on (formerly webmaster tools I think). We need to submit the site and request a full index.

You can also setup a property for and add me as an admin to that property. I think once you setup the property it automatically creates a URL in webmaster tools (I think). I’m happy to work on this an improve search results.

Here is an example. I searched for “zenon network bridge”. This does not appear on google. Looks like duckduckgo has it. It’s also possible google is censoring our results.

All the forum sitemaps have been submitted back in May.

329 of the URLS have been indexed, and 229 haven’t. The listed reason was “Validation Not Started”. I pressed validate fix on the following page.

I’ll research why some pages go into a validation process, while others get indexed automatically.

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 1.31.05 PM

Was actually 409 index, and 638 not indexed for the reasons above:

  • 213 URLs have a 404 error (majority are pages).
  • 64 excluded by noindex tag (which are user profile pages)
  • 31 redirects ( redirects to

Everything is setup properly, looks like Google is just deciding to crawl but not index 181 forum pages. I submitted for validation. As per the screenshot somewhere above, looks like it can be an error on Google’s end. But all of this is pretty straight forward to setup, I don’t see any issues other than figuring out if there’s any reason why Google decides to crawl/discover urls and not index them. I don’t think we’ll get a clear answer unless we begin to look at the pages being excluded and try to draw parallels.

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So this page is indexed by Google according to the search console, however maybe Google doesn’t index it at the same ranking as DDG. This happens often, all engines rank differently. That term “zenon network bridge” does trigger another forum page however. I wouldn’t be comparing search engine rankings between one another. The issue seems to be how SEO friendly Discourse is.

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OK . thanks for looking into this. Generally Discourse is very SEO friendly. But let me looking into the backend and make sure everything is setup correctly. Will report back.

Anytime. I’ll let you know if the pages end up being indexed after validation.

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