Fork Zenon Explorer and Make Changes - 20 ZNN

Funding Amount = 20 ZNN

Requested Work:

Fork this repo: GitHub - zenon-network/

  1. Add a default node with the address of

  1. Add the following text in the node popup window (below the existing text)

Add node

Add a new node address to the explorer: the node will serve as data source for it. This information will be stored in the browser and will only be visible to you. You can add your local node by specifying the private IP (use ipconfig command on Windows or ifconfig on Linux/MacOS/Android or get it from Syrius wallet → Info → About → Local IP address) of the device where the node is running, e.g. [ADD] Note: chromium based browsers can produce a mixed content error if the node used does not use SSL.

[ADD] By default this explorer uses a trusted node provided by This node uses SSL, but is hosted by a centralized Pillar operator.

  1. Add an icon and link to the forum in the bottom nav. Link to forum is Not sure where to find the icon for the forum. Hopefully the icon pack has a forum icon. Here is the Discourse icon. It should match the style and color of the existing icons. File:Discourse icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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