Extension Chain NFTs

The upcoming extension chain is a great way to increase investor confidence in zenon. It will look good for us to have some NFTs.

There is no reason these can’t be finished ahead of time, and I’d argue they should be for the sake of us being organised and efficient. I’d like to propose a deadline of 31st of October to have 2 sets of NFT collections that will be featured in an article about the extension chain.

I personally don’t like eth-style NFTs that much, but it’s great optics if we have them. I might get midjourney and mess around with creating jpegs, then give them to people for free and list others on open-sea … but I’d rather someone else does this. For example I know hewwo is an artist and tapwoot already made a collection of aliens recently.

We can have the JPEGs created before the extension chain is live. When it’s done, please post the JPEGs on twitter as well as in this thread here, so we as a community can decide which ones to feature and promote (such as in the article and in a twitter thread). I believe it will be beneficial for hype and buzz around the extension chain. Deadline is October 31st!

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