Extension Chain Marketing Plan

I’d like to present a marketing plan for @aliencoder 's Extension Chain which will be operational by EOY? Not sure about the timing.

Marketing content:
An article, a twitter thread and infographics. I haven’t made a draft twitter thread or infographic yet, but I’ve made a draft article in this post.

Regardless of if the marketing content is good or not, we need to escape the small echo chamber we are trapped in. We need new eyes on our stuff. I propose 3 things:

  1. Paying small influencers to share the marketing content with their followers so we get new eyes on it – how much to pay them and who to pay? I haven’t thought about that yet, and I’m not the best person to ask either. We should make a list of candidates we could negotiate a payment with.
  2. Being pushy with crypto news outlets to publish the article, I’ll try dealing with free outlets but also could pay the listing fee if needed.
  3. The usual shilling type tactics of posting in forums and on crypto twitter … not that effective, but this is at least cheap/free to do.

The crypto games and NFTs – we can discuss this before the extension chain is ready, there is no reason this stuff can’t already be decided ahead of time. See these two separate forum posts, one for games and one for NFTs:
(ill paste here when ive made it)

The DRAFT article I’ve prepared is pasted below. 3 things:
1– it proposes the name Zirconium for the extension chain (simple to say and spell, it’s only one word so easy to remember, Z-themed and named in the likeness of zirconia which is a diamond mimic; thus reflecting the evm-compatible nature of this particular piece of alien tech)
2 – it assumed ZNN will be bridged to become xZNN, and it assumes the distribution structure of the fees … it’s just a draft article and I will incorporate your feedback if there is a consensus on any changes that should be made, or if an additional article is required.
3 – When the time comes, I’d appreciate help with making infographics to be included in a twitter thread or article.

Welcome To Zirconium, Zenon Network’s New Layer-2

ZNNAliens have been anticipating its release for 8 months now, and the team led by Alienc0der were thrilled to announce it going live in January of 2024. This article will give a brief overview of the following:

  • What is Zenon Network?
  • What is Zirconium?
  • What Crypto Games and NFTs can users already enjoy?
  • What is next for Zirconium?

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice and may contain speculation

insert professionally done space/alien pic

What is Zenon Network?

Zenon Network is a layer-1 crypto with a mainnet which went live in November of 2021. Zenon values decentralisation at every level and is run by a community of hardcore cypherpunks. The project enjoyed an anonymous egalitarian launch via a public bond which had no pre-sale, no VCs and no insider-allocations — this strategy ensured the ecosystem was owned and controlled by the people and not by coordinated institutions. The two native coins are Zenon (ZNN, for governance) and Quasar (QSR, for gas). You can read more about this here.

Zenon is DAG-based tech with a dual-ledger — the devs believe the consensus is a bottleneck for throughput and should be kept to a separate layer. There are therefore plans for an implementation of Narwhal & Tusk, which if done correctly should enable >100k TPS with <4 second latency. You can read more about this here.

By mirroring the Bitcoin Ethos for its decentralisation and by leveraging cutting-edge cryptography for its scalability — Zenon’s vision is to become one of the world’s leading general-purpose blockchains. There is also a concentrated push towards interoperability solutions with native Bitcoin, and from this Zenon can deliver the value of smart contracts to Bitcoin’s ecosystem. You can read more about this here.

What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is an EVM-compatible Layer-2 for Zenon Network. This is in-line with the design philosophy that smart contracts should be kept to a separate execution domain to keep the Layer-1 minimalist and efficient, as otherwise it may become bloated over time.

ZNN from Zenon Network is bridged to become xZNN in Zirconium, where xZNN is the gas token. The distribution for gas fees is 33% to the devs, 33% to Zirconium validators and 34% is burned. While ZNN is a governance token in Zenon, its wrapped version xZNN was chosen as the gas token in Zirconium because not only does it have a low burn rate, but validators for the Layer-1 produce only ZNN — it is therefore an efficient economic model to enable them to validate and sustain Zirconium subject to demand.

Users will need to follow these instructions. Visit this link here for a tutorial on getting started with Zirconium.

What Crypto Games and NFTs can users already enjoy?

Passionate ZNNAliens have prepared exciting builds in advance, allowing for quick deployment onto Zirconium. There are currently seven different crypto games on Zirconium, three of which are featured below. There are also two different NFT collections.

Do you have a need for speed? Consider racing your friends in the simple yet nuanced game below. Play for coins as well as bragging rights!

insert screenshots

Perhaps you’re itching for a fight or have a beef to settle with someone? In that case, put on your war-paint. It’s time to do battle and claim those tokens!

insert screenshots

Looking to relax with a solo game while still monetising your time with a play-to-earn game? Check out the immersive game below ZNNAliens are flocking to like extraterrestrial moths to a spaceship’s jet engine.

insert screenshots

Here is the first NFT collection on Zirconium. This is a sample from the XYZ NFT collection by XYZ. Visit XYZ to claim your own beautiful alien.

insert pic

Here is the second NFT collection on Zirconium. This is a sample from the XYZ NFT collection by XYZ. Visit XYZ to claim your own extraterrestrial plant.

insert pic

What is next for Zirconium?

Zenon Network has plans for an additional Layer-2 designed to have fast smart contracts utilising cutting-edge tech, and that system will therefore not be EVM-compatible, unlike Zirconium. Zirconium’s purpose is to facilitate Zenon’s interoperability and adoption with the wider crypto ecosystem, such as with Ethereum. It is therefore alien tech but with a human twist, and that is why the name Zirconium was chosen — it’s named in the likeness of Zirconia, a material used for diamond mimics.

As for what is next for Zirconium? Some exciting things are on their way. This includes XYZ.

Thanks for reading. And stay tuned for more for more updates which are coming soon …

Useful Links

To learn more and get involved with Zenon, check out the useful links below:

— link1

— link2

— link3


The proposal is interesting but please drop the weird outer space names c’mon.

Also I’m still unsure marketing is relevant right now. There’s no new money flowing and everything is just a giant p&d musical chair. Getting the documentation ready and market it to possible new devs sound more appropriate to me.


Best way to onboard users is to airdrop the layer 2 governance tokens. ZNN for gas, new token for governance

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Thanks for the suggestion NeoShredder! Could you elaborate further on your airdrop idea?

The devs will be paid by AZ, so the valuation of the AZ fund will factor into their decision to join us or not. The Extension Chain is key to stabilise and improve the price. It should be marketed, which will be harder in the bear but not impossible.

And the timeframe we’re looking at is Q1 of 2024. Who knows where BTC will be then.

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I don’t see the point of a governance token on the ext chain given the fact that governance tools are already on ZNN. The ext chain isn’t a new world, it’s an extention of ZNN. Beside, it would dillute the little liquidity we have with no beneficial effect.

Yes, but since there is no new money coming in so any marketing should be focused on real good documentation, and onboarding devs imo. You wont bring new money nor new people when there’s nobody around. So maybe there are some form of marketing that could be more accurate / efficient. Marketing towards devs, or / and directed at specific crypto community in the form of partnerships or interesting mutually beneficial dynamics.

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Topic moved to #marketing

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Check arbitrum and znsync airdrop farming

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Check their VCs and Market Makers while you’re at it. Arbitrum is Sizechad, I let you go from there.

Checked. We could still do it

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Let’s gather a team for shilling like ZIF in the past. We pay each person 50znn monthly, I could sponsor the monthly pay for one person. Let’s gather 20-30 people and other people sponsoring this campaign.Zenon qualities’ plus a good story could pump us to 3-4$ pretty cheap.

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Why not organize a group of 20-30 people to do this because they want to see NoM grow and attract more community members, not because they earn 50 ZNN per month. I encourage you guys to study KAS. Their history and launch is very similar to NoM. They bootstrapped their network from $0 to almost $1B in MC from 2021 until now. It’s possible.

They have no LLC, no VCs, no central control. It’s 100% community run. I believe our roadmap is more exciting TBH.

So my recommendation is take action. Fuck around and let’s find out. If the experiments produce results, then let’s build on them with an AZ. But let’s fuck around first and see what happens.

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Experiment yes but not with retarded Twitter shills with 0 proven effect in this market. KAS didn’t launch in the same environment, don’t try to mimick it. In addition to this the low level shill we had before make us now look like a shitcoin to serious communities and I’m not the only one taking that slap when I try to talk to them. “I would personnaly vote no to anything looking like a tweet a day from 50 people will pump us”

Here’s something we could do though:

  • Turn our roadmap into a story telling, okay this we agree on.
  • Make a cool video or a simple gif showing off the P2P swap, it’d be even better with USDT and BTC in this, because it means TVL and at this point people care about stables and BTC, not ZNN.
  • Organize Twitter spaces or AMAs on a weekly basis or even more often with selected communities to talk about development and common interest, or just vibe.
  • And yeah study KAS, but don’t forget the market they launched on. I hear KAS here, KAS there, even naive POW suggestions while we’re in a complete different time. Beside you don’t know who pumped them or which partnerships went through under the table in a market where every single holder was rich. There are still people thinking PEPE pumped organically… Think.

Here’s a tool which could bring ideas for marketing GitHub - DivergentAI/dreamGPT: Leverage hallucinations from Large Language Models (LLMs) for novelty-driven explorations.

Unlike others tools I’ve seen in A.I this one is really interesting for my own practice but can also be used for the sake of finding new ways to market. It’s kind of an A.I brainstorming. You provide it with a concepts and it will move from here and hallucinate new ideas.

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Tools to identify communities: Compile List of Telegram / Discord / Twitter Communities

I will try this

I’m trying this out. What do you recommend I try to run to come up with a marketing plan to market the extension chain.

Instructions are a little thin

poetry run start --theme "climate change

trying this
poetry run start --theme "crypto currency exponential adoption"

Calculating embeddings...
  "title": "Decentralized Emotion-driven Finance",
  "description": "A decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that utilizes an emotion-based trading algorithm. The platform enables users to access various decentralized financial services, such as lending, borrowing, and trading, using cryptocurrencies. The emotion-based trading algorithm analyzes human emotions and sentiment data to predict market movements in the cryptocurrency market, providing users with insights and recommendations.",
  "noveltyScore": 0.9,
  "marketScore": 0.8,
  "usefulnessScore": 0.7,
  "easeOfImplementationScore": 0.5,
  "impactScore": 0.6
Calculating embeddings...
  "title": "Crypto Finance Manager",
  "description": "A comprehensive mobile app that combines the features of a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. Users can easily track and manage their cryptocurrency investments, receiving real-time updates on prices and portfolio performance. Additionally, the app provides access to various decentralized financial services, such as lending, borrowing, and trading, all within a secure and user-friendly interface.",
  "noveltyScore": 0.7,
  "marketScore": 0.8,
  "usefulnessScore": 0.9,
  "easeOfImplementationScore": 0.6,
  "impactScore": 0.7

I just discovered it so I’m experimenting right now. I wonder if we can tweak it to iterate more results. For what I saw it’s pretty standard and as creative as a bad intern with the concepts I suggest it to start with.

The more it runs, the more interesting the results, but for me it stops really quick.

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