Experimental Twitter Workflow (@Zenon_Network)

In an effort to enhance both the quality and quantity of the content we present on our shared Twitter feed (@Zenon_Network), I’ve established a workflow directly within GitHub to streamline the process.

Participation requires only a GitHub account. There’s no need for programming knowledge or previous experience with GitHub. If you’re comfortable posting on Reddit, suggesting a tweet will be a breeze.

Our process begins with collective brainstorming of tweet ideas and voting for the best ones. Each idea will initiate a “New Discussion” thread, where we can collaboratively fine-tune the wording, timing, imagery, or any other aspects.

This is essentially what the majority of our community needs to know to get involved. If you’re interested in the finer details of the workflow, feel free to explore the repository.

Additionally, I’ve designed a custom issue template to simplify the submission process for actual tweet proposals, not just ideas. It’s an easy-to-fill form.

To view the current tweets in the pipeline, check out the project.

Our incredible community has already contributed to one tweet in the pipeline, with over eight people contributing to its creation. I’m confident at least 10 people will have interacted with the tweet prior to publication since maintainers still need to approve it. This is an incredible feat, but not if we tweet once a year. Let’s pick-up our pace.

“Built by the Community” has never been more real.

Note: Until we obtain the necessary permissions to migrate this workflow to the zenon-network/twitter repository, it will reside in my personal repo. There is still ample scope for enhancements and tweaks. Please use this thread for feedback.