[DRAFT] AZ for SYRIUS v0.0.6

The developers involved with SYRIUS v0.0.6 have agreed to submit one AZ for all the work. That way we can avoid multiple AZs. We will gather the scope of work performed here by each participant and I will use this information to submit an AZ.

@CryptoFish @sol_sanctum @aliencoder (hope I’m not missing anyone) please post your scope of work performed and total estimated time.

Is mik3mast3rs on here? He should be included too.

@0x3639’s contribution to SYRIUS v0.0.6

  • Rented @sol_sanctum a cloud mac computer for 2 months at $100 per month.
  • Spent approximately 5 hours testing various builds, building versions of SYRIUS with @sol_sanctum, tested the .dmg creation tool (before @aliencoder automated with GhA)
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Here’s my list:

  • 1 hour - Dynamic chain identifier
  • 1 hour - Updated Community links + icons
  • 2 hours - Second undelegate widget
    • Technical debt: I was planning to re-write this code based on Vilkris’ feedback
  • 2 hours - Updated UI for multiple address + node select widgets
    • Technical debt: based on user feedback, some parts will need to be updated in the future due to poor visibility for certain elements
  • 2 hours - Github actions Release info - tag, message
  • 30 hours (probably more) - Implemented Linux support
  • 30 hours (probably more) - Updated build process to dynamically copy libs to correct output
  • 30 hours (probably more) - Updated MacOS .dmg background image
    • Assisted by 0x, Layiid, and Aliencoder

Conservative estimate: ~100 hours in 2022
Some of that time was spent learning about Dart/Flutter/Zenon


My s y r i u s contributions.

Zenon CLI for .NET

Not counting reseach, learning, following the community etc I’ve spend effectivly 28 hours om coding the currently submitted PR’s.

[x] = merged in main repo
[ ] = open