Down the Green Rabbit Hole - PLEASE HELP

I’ve noticed many community members engaging in hand to hand combat in TG. Let’s set aside our differences, and let’s work together to come up with a list of Links / URLs to informative information about NoM. I want to populate these links into a new website I’m building at

So for the non-dev community members out there, this is your opportunity to help. This post can be edited like a wiki. Please post below of edit the document directly to add links and Categories. I will start with a basic Framework:

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Zenon Videos

Community Videos

Official Zenon Medium Articles

Zyler’s articles

Shazz’s article

Shai’s article

Community websites

News Articles

Github Repos

Twitter Handles

Telegram Links


Plasma Presentations by Joseph Poon. presented some interesting ideas that could have been used by Zenon.


Zyler: Amazing initiative! It’d be killer to have all the links in one place. Here’s some from george, John-Z, hackernoon and an idea for a culture section

The 2 so far from George:

from john-Z, interesting seeing the thoughts of the early, foundational members of the NoM

old-school hackernoon article

and possibly under a “culture” section could put
Link to Publius twitter? For poetry and story-telling. And is there a place where zenon-related artwork can be found?
Zenon Network: A noir story
zenon network: a zenocracy in peril
as well as two zenocratez comedy/history reads:


Can’t seem to successfully add twitter videos into the ‘community videos’ sub-section so I’ll just list em here:

TheAliensKnow Academy:


Side note: DrGreenThumb is a heavy chad! :hot_face:

under culture we could also potentially add the different NFT projects we’ve got floating around- SaaS, Hales, HZNN club etc. etc.

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love the additions!!! thanks so much

Professor Nigeria Concerns’s technical breakdown is what got me hooked on NoM initially- wonder what he’s upto these days

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Professor Z Series