Discussion to formulate a set of rules concerning personal conduct (how we should address trolling/flaming/FUD)

Hello Alienz!!

As the zenon community grows, and messaging on telegram begins to pick up, the forum will continue playing a prominent role to post updates, disseminate information, clear doubts and have discussions.

When that happens we’re going to encounter more flamers, trollers, and FUD’ders and if our recent experience on TG has shown us anything- these people might accuse the admins/mods for being too authoritarian. For that reason I would like to start a discussion around what this community thinks should be some ground rules.

  1. What are some things that shouldn’t be allowed on the forum? Harmful language, personal insults, racial slurs, outright FUD, misleading info, copypasta etc.?
    - Violating these rules c/would lead to warnings from the mods and eventually a ban if the individual refuses to accede.

  2. Similarly what constitutes an instant ban? Impersonation, discrimination, explicit content, promotional links, spam, bots, or outright scams.

  3. Anything else we should include?

Personally, I think it’d be better if the community could find some consensus so that in the future when the mods warn/ban someone they can just refer them to the community rules that were democratically arrived upon.


yep definitely want this to be a community decision, the mods and admins are just here to facilitate and ensure the platform runs smoothly

Anyone should be able to use the flag button to raise an issue with a mod if you see something that crosses the line


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Really like the suggestions. This forum should be kept as clean and professional as possible - ideally, the same etiquette applies as if this was a corporate environment.


This is a great idea and something I think we should plan to deliver by Phase I of the A Z Proposal. Let’s all look at other large crypto forums to see the rules they set as a general starting point. I know Terra has a large community on Discourse. But on quick glance I could not find anything there.

Maybe we should start a [DRAFT] Terms of Service Wiki page and start all editing / working on it.

This is an excellent Discourse forum - they are the developers of the forum software

Good article on Tips for TOS

For workflow, how about pinning a working document/draft? Could simply be copy pasta from a template. That will provide a starting point.

Shall we use the same community guidelines for the Community tg channel?

Created a DRAFT post here: [DRAFT] Terms of Service and Code of Conduct

This is a community effort, and therefore users can change the post themselves. This is NOT dictated by @romeo and/or me. The Community owns this forum, and should set the TOC / Community Guidelines. We are here to help guide that process and provide input, but this should be done by the community.

Great idea to start a [Draft] terms of service that’s open to edit.

I’ll start taking a look at Terra’s forum in my free time and scope out their guidelines.

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I’m guessing once enough deliberation has taken place and the rules have been generally agreed upon we can then lock the post to set things in stone?

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+1 on keeping it clean and professional. The goal of our community guidelines / code of conduct should be to create an environment where DAOs can prosper and be as effective as possible, encouraging inclusion and participation.

Made changes to the wiki after drawing inspiration from Terra’s Forum, however, I have tailored their guidelines to better suit our community.

Hope y’all can have a glance and add your thoughts, disagreements, and suggestions!