Discussion on guidelines for Trust and Price

Hi all! Would love to hear thoughts people have in relation to how can we trust proposals by anon participants? Any conventions for how much to ask for or how to negotiate? I’ve kickstarted it in a medium article, would love to continue the convo here.


Great overview!

Indeed, you highlight the complexity of the issue.

Here are some interesting thoughts I have on some aspects of it.

For example, if three competing devs all applied at the same time to do the same SDK

I think that it’ll be beneficiary to have collaboration in all things, if possible. I would suggest to give the funds ahead of time to an escrow, which will release them accordingly to all participants sharing the work.

Could just accept that early contributors will be overpaid, but as long as they add real value to the ecosystem it’s all good, and future contributors will be underpaid

I don’t really agree that early contributors will be overpaid, while later contributors will be underpaid.
I think that each contribution has 2 things: personal gain & overall gain. If you have skin in the game, you benefit from both.

E.G: I can create a JS SDK & Telegram Bot & all the other stuff for, let’s say, 5000 ZNN ($25K)
This would give me a flat ‘pay check’ and also increase the ZNN value from $5 → $10
This increase will benefit me a lot, since I’m a pillar holder. (much more than the flat paycheck)

I like to visualise things like this: If I get 1000 ZNN, I’ll immediately go and sell them for $5000.
Afterwards, I’ll come back and decide if I want to invest $5000 in the ZNN ecosystem, to have ‘more skin in the game’ and to know that if I improve the ecosystem, my value will increase as well. This are basically 2 steps. Do work for $. Chose where to invest $.

What I acknowledge that’s true, is that on smaller projects a personal decisions can have a bigger impact! I can work for a freelancing company, for example, for $100/hour and take my money and invest it in ZNN. At the end of the day, I would have $800 worth of ZNN and no value added to the ZNN ecosystem. I would find it ‘offensive’ if I would only get paid $50/hour if I would work for ZNN projects, because my work would double the value and essentially give me $100/hour in the long run.

Hope it makes sense.

PS: This balance of increasing ZNN price through actions & increase personal investments by working for hard $ is a balancing act. It’s like choosing if you want to increase the attack speed (ZNN price) or damage (your amount of ZNN) in a game.