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I know @georgezgeorgez has opened an AZ for docs to help onboard developers. I’ve been looking at Canto (no financial interest). I’m only interested b/ everyone is talking about them so clearly they have done something “right” to attract interest. Have a look at their docs. We should check this out and try to learn what we can. I like the Particle initiative!

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these docs are very simple. But they look professional, complete, and very easy to use / follow.

They even have a dedicated “Approach to Decentralization” section:

  • There is no official foundation.
  • There was no presale.
  • There is no vesting.
  • There are no venture backers.

All of these apply to Zenon, too.

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Currently filled by @georgezgeorgez though I’d guess that any other guides would be welcomed as well.