Delegator Funnels

Just like the WIP: HyperCore Developer Funnels topic, I’m starting to brainstorm a funnel flow for Delegators. Before I get there, I need to understand all the elements which could be used to sell the process. A lot of it has already been implemented in the new website. The points highlighted here will be used to design an alternative funnel flow for other marketing channels. Audiences are likely to be sold on ideas in different ways.

Here’s what I believe matters to Delegators. Please propose if you have ideas.

  • Be educated on the Zenon mission and its USPs.
  • Be educated on the all the projects required to achieve the mission.
  • Be educated on the opportunity for the Delegator.
  • Be educated on the benefits of their delegations to Zenon and Pillars.
  • Be educated on how their contributions will be recognized, aside from rewards.
  • Be educated about the Pillar reward structures.
  • Be educated about the APR’s for delegating.
  • Be educated about the emission schedule for ZNN.
  • Be educated about the reasons for ZNN to increase in value and what it’ll take to make it happen.
  • Be educated about delegation tools (bots).
  • Be educated about the community spaces (Discord, Forum).
  • Be educated on the delegation process via a high level overview/demonstration.
  • Be educated on the installation of SYRIUS, link to WalletConnect, reward claiming process, delegation change process.

Things we can work on:

  • Develop a list of communities and their known early distribution systems i.e. THORChain had RUNEVault which paid about 50% APR in its early days, it was phased out after ~1 year. THORChads remember this as a the vehicle which boosted their holding positions. If Delegation could be compared via content, and targeted to THORChad audiences, it could spark memories and attract newcomers. There are other communities with other systems like this, I just haven’t researched. If you know any, feel free to comment.

  • More to come and welcoming comments.

This topic will serve as a thread to follow progress on the initiative.

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