deeZNNutz Meme Winner

Give heed to the throbbing heat-seeking moisture missile and his two mountain oysters for they have decided upon whomst the glory of the title deeZNNutz Meme Master 2022 shall fall upon!

The verdict was hard but after excessive fondling back and forth, at long last, a cumclusion was made!

The pelvic honor of deeZNNutz Meme Master 2022 goes to…

@DomCZek for his impeckable talent to rub in the ordinary Zenon OG’s complete mental degeneration after his once fellatious pair of bollocks have shriveled up to the size of mere raisins since his $ZNN bags were the only ones he tended to since 2019!

Praise he who hath won 65 $ZNN for this fine penmanshit:

The questionable honor and taste of the sloppy second place shall fall upon the meat thermometer gladiator that goes by the name of @TheDrunkenMoose for his depiction of the $ZNN schizo newfag mere days after acquiring his first $ZNN fix - oblivious of the impending odyssee of psychological torment, lunacy, and tomfoolery he is about to embark on:

May deeZNNutz have mercy on his unsullied maidenhood and may these 35 $ZNN help him overcome when it gets shattered not before schlong…

Now go forth and procreate your best memes for the next deeZNNutz contest in 2023!

Sayonara Carbonara,