Decrypt Outreach

Received outreach asking about Zenon via Discord recently from the co-founder/CTO of Decrypt Media, a pretty major publication.

Still working to verify his identity but so far it seems legit. Invited him to the forums here to ask the questions directly to the community but wanted to pre-empt with what he asked me already so that we can have some answers prepared or at least I can relay and reference the thread:

What inspired the creation of Zenon, and how long has it been in development?

How does Zenon utilize blockchain technology, and what benefits does it provide over traditional systems?

Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations that Zenon has formed, and how they will benefit the project’s growth and development?


I even used unique links for each ^ lol

I wouldn’t mention Pivx at all, especially PIVX ZNN. Sounds awful. More like a Bitcoin fork (Pivx is a fork of Dash which is a fork of Bitcoin) using a custom proof-of-stake algo. Just my 2 cents.


I’ll update that page + title for the new .org release

Is the BitcoinTalk link dead? I can never find the original 2018 one

This one? [MOVED]

Disregard y’all, it’s one of the more creative scams I’ve seen. Even TG handle checked out but he just asked for consent form to publish and that was the main giveaway.

Regardless, Decrypt would be a great publication to get into.

Want me to close this topic?

Ya let’s do that