DAO submissions -> bounties

i believe A-Z will be run on submission model

likely too late, but I’ve been watching other projects run bounties as opposed to submissions

meaning they put a set price against someone delivering X feature… if its important and not hit within timeframe they want, they up the bounty

Ignite is doing this well (sample. https://twitter.com/ignite_dev/status/1516901540229005312?s=20&t=TqjqZzm6yOS-65hs7Tv3Cw)

thoughts on how this compares to submission system?

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Interesting idea. I think A-Z has been in planning for some time so changing course at this point is not feasible. But I think your idea is interesting. We are talking about putting together a community fund for stuff like this. Basically the community delegates to a pillar for the purpose of generating rewards for a fund to be allocated back to the community. Could be used to fund bounties on smaller assignments.

Wonder what others think about this idea.

Yea I agree, perhaps after the first couple of programs of AZ (hyperspace is the first one) we can implement this bounty system for the features still not implemented ^^ perhaps we can even make this bounty system, although it being part of Syrius would be better.