Cultural Alignments on NoM x Web3 Projects

One of the biggest drivers of momentum for crypto projects is the very intangible attribute of culture. There are a lot of existing projects and cultural drivers in web3 right now that can align with NoM that we can start to collaborate more with.

Here are a few that come to mind:

“The Dev” and affiliated DevNFT project (there’s even a whole trait that gives Green Eyes to the NFT)

Greenpill Network - This is Kevin Owocki’s new project

build_cities - already tweeting about NoM + the ability to create Zenon/alien-themed NFTs in the build_dreams feature on the platform

ThorChain - @mehowbrainz connection

Ordinals for obvious reasons

Whoever @SugoiBTC is chatting with because he’s a great community connector/collaborator

What others can we add to this list?