Crypto PR Newswire

Back when I was contributing to THORChain, I was chatting with these people re: their crypto PR newswire services:

Worth a bookmark.

in my business these PR releases are very effective. I think the community could write them and syndicate at minimal cost.

I think the value of these syndication services is the partnerships they have. We could always try to organize our own distribution, just legwork to get that organized.

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At the moment we’re using the DeWork platform for bounties such as writing articles and/or translations of existing articles. We have a budget of 1500 wZNN that we can pay-out to creative writers and publish them to various platforms.

The bounties of writing articles about NoM are between 25-50 wZNN at the moment. If you guys have any other ideas to utilize the DeWork platform, just holla at me. I would be happy to cooperate and think of ways to spread the word about Zenon!

Link to the bounty:

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It would be great to release a PR statement. Maybe we wait for the latest announcement from the team and see if that sparks something to write about.

We could always announce the NFT standard based on the medium article. It could be a rebroadcast / rewite of the Medium NFT article on a larger scale??

In whose name would the PR be released? The “Zenon Community” without any legal or natural entity in particular? I’ve never seen an “entity-less” press release, would be cool if that worked.

Worst case we ask future industry partners to do it.

We could release on behalf of Zenon Network. Usually there is a contact person. We can also make the contact person one of us with a community email.

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Here is a good example of what is possible

More than anything, these press releases just get eyeballs on a proejct or URL. And if the announcement is interesting or newsworthy enough, other reputable news outlets will run the story.

The key here is to develop our own syndication (if we’re not going to pay for services like the one linked above). I would guess that it requires to identifying all the tip@publication emails and gathering a list of journalist emails — or better yet, developing relationships with them. Might be worthwhile to research “what’s the best way to build relationships with journalists?”, “how to get journalists to cover your story more often than less?”. It makes you think: why do some networks get more media exposure than others? ie THORChain got picked up by outlets very little times in comparison to some other networks.