Constellation DAO Funds Match

Canvassing this here early to align on timing.

I’m part of the Constellation DAO ( which is basically the web3 offshoot of Techstars (similar to how Orange DAO is the web3 offshoot of Y-Combinator) that is full of Techstars operators/developers/builders/investors, etc.

Unlike Orange DAO that already kind of got married to Algorand eocsystem fund (look how that turned out), Constellation DAO is still in its earliest stages of inception and no LP capital raises at the moment.

For now, a lot of members have just expressed pooling capital together (no more than $10-$20K) for distributing to early stage projects in the form of very small belief capital investments.

Was thinking of doing an A-Z proposal that would match whatever the pool is up to a certain amount as Zenon sponsor capital for Constellation DAO.

Will just go straight to poll here

Should A-Z Proposal be submitted to match funds (capped at pool size < $25K) of early Constellation DAO investment fund as a way to align with more builders/devs/operators/investors?

  • Yes; agnostic of whatever the projects decide to build on
  • Yes; but only if projects build on NoM
  • No

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I personally don’t really see any interest in VC syphoning A.Z funds unless they build something really interesting. Their background should only be taken into account VS the proposal they would eventually submit. Distribution of ZNN and QSR is for funding actual projects with constant and unbiased exigences. I’m pretty sure a solid background will help them submit valuable proposals and not only a sort of let us in because we’re great kind of thing.

EDIT: who are the stars exactly in that techstars DAO, I couldn’t find any name.

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I’d look at this more marketing/awareness/ecosystem building than necessarily VC siphoning.

Sure I can shill them Zenon more all day to get them to come to this forum and just submit A-Z but would probably not get very far.

Or could start to plant seeds early fronted with a bit of capital ($ talks) with another network of other builders.

Again, not proposing a X/20 max submission. Maybe 1x max submission at the very most with transparency on any projects that end up getting funder.

Sometimes you gotta meet folks on their court in order to tell them about a better one around the corner.

I don’t really get what you’re talking about. If they want funds, whoever they are, they must make a proposal and it has to be good. This looks like “look they great let’s give them money because they gotta shill”

EDIT: to be clear, before I see a proposal I personally don’t care about who is who. This is where my vote will go.

I see what you’re doing and you’re not even subtle about it.

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I’m not really sure what you’re insinuating here.

Is it the fact that I’m in a group with track records in building successful products/businesses and trying to align them with a new type of infrastructure for them to continue to do this that benefits all? In most circles this is commonly referred to as “business development.”

With all due respect, I’d say you’re jumping to a conclusion already in absence of what could have just been a series of additional & thoughtful questions instead which is what this forum is designed for.

This forum will experience high churn on new A-Z proposals if met with the same type of cynicism.

In your statement I screenshotted you’re willing to discuss the idea of an injection of capital before even a real project is put into vote, if I understand well. If that is the case, it’s a definitive no from me. Out of the blatant conflict of interest we could discuss here it’s not a good move for the actual builders doing amazing since months. I could also get started with the so called crypto VCs but let’s not start this here.

Still waiting to know more about this all star team DAO. They should be able to put a good real project to vote.

EDIT: it’s actually insulting for builders. “Hey I’m chadass. I’m a part of this Chadass DAO nobody ever heard about. Gimme 20k ZNN I might then get interested into your stuff. Thanks”

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What’s the size of their community? How many good builders & marketers? Do they hold ZNN? Do they run validator infra for Zenon? What does the DAO do and will they intend to implement it on NoM if we fund them?

If funding is considered we should ensure specific value is created for the zenon ecosystem.

I didn’t know the A.Z fund was an angel round we could market in hope to get… something?

Thank you for the objective questions.

This is the idea, this is literally just an exploratory post for this reason.

As per Etherscan for the membership there are 146 holders ( all that are alumni of Techstars network (founders, investors, operators, etc.). As of 2 days ago the cumulative market cap of Techstars startups is $100B (Techstars on LinkedIn: techstars stats), I do not know what this equates to the value of everyone who’s joined Constellation so far

Right now they literally only know Zenon from what I’ve mentioned (let’s be honest no one really knows about Zenon still) and a lot of them are still getting their feet wet in web3 and trying to figure out what to get involved in next.

The funding could literally take 100s of different forms:

-Having individuals submit individually to A-Z (high education effort)
-A matched fund that only gets deployed for projects on NoM
-An incubation fund
-A hackathon type event
-A optional piggyback fund that gets deployed from a trusted wZNN multisig
-other options

I do think that it would have to basically align and be obligatory to build something on NoM, that only makes sense. In the case of Algorand and Orange DAO I know that wasn’t the case however and every ecosystem fund is different.

Having a multichain component of our network now means that there are a pretty wide range of options to work with others which is something I think we can benefit from.

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Make them submit a project. A Z funds shouldn’t be given away in hope for something to maybe done afterwards.

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Not sure how many DAOs/orgs you’ve worked in but usually when you try to “make” a group of people do something it doesn’t go over well, similar to what you’re asking. I’m not the CEO there or have some kind of executive authority to say “go submit in A-Z.”

And to this point below, I find it even more insulting to overburden the existing incredible devs by blocking any ideas/intiatives to actually recruit MORE devs/builders. It’s a common theme that we want to recruit more folks to NoM to grow.

Blockquote. EDIT: it’s actually insulting for builders. “Hey I’m chadass. I’m a part of this Chadass DAO nobody ever heard about. Gimme 20k ZNN I might then get interested into your stuff. Thanks”

Tell them about Orbital Program. They can bring value by participating into Orbital Program.

Earning rewards + having skin in the game + we can educate them about the ecosystem & what we’re building.


Yes I know but the A.Z funds isn’t made to airdrop a DAO into maybe getting interested. It’s made for builders. As mentioned above, tap into another program and get them in slowly.

I will mention it


I want to learn more:

The total pool size is <$25k or is per member?

What projects besides Zenon are being put forth?

What has been the response/vibe toward Zenon from the members?

Are other projects offering stakes to the dao? What do those deals look like?

You referenced some thing about produce (:tangerine:) can you share more about the examples your citing (algorand)?

Is it essentially about the dao pooling funds and resources as a team, (while members presumably make individual investments) and then working together to make the investments and underlying projects successful?

All stars DAO

Still being ironed out, again very early discussions.

Pretty blank slate

Just in passive discussions with several L1s

I think can zoom out a bit and make this topic more broad. Even if not Constellation DAO the main idea is really to find existing developer/builder communities that have not been green-pilled yet and see how we can recruit/pitch the whole group rather than attracting builders/developers 1-by-1. Some kind of sponsorship fund is one potential solution.

There are hundreds of such communities, Constellation DAO is just one I personally have connections with.

Some other examples of communities it would be good to get in front of:

Developer DAO - this one is massive; probably the biggest in web3

The list goes on…


Make them write down a project, together.

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