Competition or Treasure Hunt

Hi @Marketing gurus, we have some funding allocated for some community activities (such as a treasure hunt, or some form of competition). Anywhere from 250znn/2500qsr to 500znn/5000qsr can be used.

The main outcomes would be to onboard Zenon to new investors and also to lead to increased exposure and signups on the forum.

Does anyone have some tried and tested suggestions or ideas on what we could do?

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This is just an idea I had. What about a twitter thread competition?

Ppl make threads of 3 posts; first is how they discovered zenon, other 2 are why they stayed with zenon … with a hashtag like #MyZNNStory and most likes gets ranking for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes? Also needs to include the symbol for their first crypto they majorly invested in, like $theta or something, to possibly hit the radar of ppl searching for other tags and put znn on their radar?


Probably it is possible to search for the most used hashtags on CT and use them to frequently tweet concise facts about Zenon. I am thinking of one-liners because people are lazy and don’t really want to read, that’s why It should be as short and as intriguing as possible.

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You could do a treasure hunt inside of the ZNN blockchain (so hide clues in transactions just like the taproot stuff). You can also make a separate website inside the Zenon space that can be used as a treasure hunt page. Just stuff like this: link


Happy to help with this

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Thanks all - I’ll be looking to put some time into this next week, will post some more thought out ideas here