Community Sentinel

Official topic for discussion related to the Community Sentinel project.

Will keep this short and simple. Gauging interest in funding a sentinel through the AZ process. Sentinel would be set up on the “community” address used for FreeZenonFriday (FZF). This would serve 2 main goals:

  1. Funding of the community address for FZF giveaways.
  2. Safekeeping & replenishment of AZ funds.

Re #2, plan is that anyone could submit and AZ proposal at any time to deconstruct the sentinel and return the funds to AZ and I would follow through accordingly.

Couple things to note. I will personally set up, maintain, and fund the infra to run a sentinel once we get to that point. Also, I will continue to run FZF regardless of this initiative with my own funds / funds of donors.

Realize this is all based on trust so if you are not comfortable with it vote no. Will run the poll here and take the next step based on what we learn.

Do you support this?

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  • No

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I’m a big fan of FZF but I think this requires more thought.

An outline of the tokenomics would help with brainstorming.

Maybe there is a way to setup a multisig, stake ZNN, and then periodicially disburse the QSR to you. That would eliminate the infra and centralization.

I appreciate what you do!

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