"Community project" issues

  • If Twitter account is dying why we should let it die and be hold by them, why not transferring the twitter account to the community? The same thing with the website.

  • We should grow the twitter account, it has a huge potential.

  • Who is going to handle the twitter account should still be in touch with the graphic designer because graphics should stay the same(most of us agree on the design and we should not interfere with the design, we only want the account to be more popular and active)

  • Some people brought up the thing that Kaine is holding the spork and github access. I’m not a tech guy but what are the advantages if the community hold access to github and spork?

  • If this a real community project, pillars should vote and decide the future of the project.

Edit1: If you vote express your opinion why you voted so and what would be the right approach with Zenon twitter account?

              **- Should Zenon Twitter account be handled by community?**
  • YES
  • NO
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Mr. Kaine holding the spork keys means he has the last word on any protocol changes the community decide to build. You need what’s called a spork activation to make protocol changes, aka a soft fork. In the current situation Mr. Kaine is basically in a position where he can censor whatever doesn’t suits his agenda.

As for the Twitter I’d agree with you but there are other workaround. Zenon Twitter could be renamed Zenon core or whatever, Zenon Genesis ? Another community Twitter could be sustained under the Hypercore brand. At some point it’ll flip the genesis one and the community can then let it fade.


I enjoy our current Twitter account.
It would be very sad to see this account turn into a corporate one.
If it happens one day, my wish is for the community to choose a member that understands the value of our current Twitter and wants to preserve that.

The current Twitter is nice because it has history but as time passes, more channels should be pushed maybe.

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