Community Contributor Page

What do you guys think about adding community contributor page on

When people are researching a project to invest in or contribute to they generally want to learn about the “team”.

Why not build a community team page on .org? No need to dox. We can use our preferred names on social media, links to twitter / github, etc… and write a sentence or two about ourselves without revealing too much. Like “Front end software developer with x years of experience with X, Y, Z”.

We could use simple “titles” like Community Developer or Marketer or Contributor or Community Manager… We have a lot of contributors and it would be nice to show off the community.


Yes I was going to add all those community/ecosystem layers at a later point once we decided who does what, and how to collaborate with them (once we define task spaces).

Good idea, zir. It’s also on our mm board. :slight_smile:

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