Communication Channels

You use to be able to use tools to export (aka scrape) all follower handles of let’s say Zenon_Network on Twitter, and then import that into Twitter Ads as a custom audience. That audience would be then targetable in a campaign on Twitter Ads.

So let’s say if I wanted to push a communication to all followers of Zenon_Network, I’d create a Twitter Ads campaign to hyper target that custom audience list.

I noticed today that Twitter Ads no longer permits the import of handles (only email, phone) into custom audience lists (even though their documentation still says otherwise).

Does anyone know if @Zenon_Network was planning to allow select community to tweet on behalf of its handle? Otherwise we’ll have to rely on the #TheAliensKnow pager to get an RT, and to keep developing our own brands to capture the attention of aliens. The wZNN to native ZNN swap/bridge campaign is an example of when such communication tools would be useful.

@Sigli has a way to contact the Twitter manager I think, he can confirm. If so you may be able to figure something out

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Thanks I’ll ask @Sigli

I also emailed Twitter Ads support, their documentation states that @handles can still be used, so maybe it’s some issue on their end.

No unfortunately I have no idea who takes care of that account. The best way to interact with them is to get their attention with #thealiensknow tag or maybe with a comment under one of their tweet?

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