CoinTR Pro - Listing

Hello everyone,

I’ve spoken to CoinTR Pro about listing Native Zenon and Wrapper Zenon.

First I’ve asked about listing Native Zenon:

  • They offer $30K for Mainnet Zenon integration and listing, additional ZNNs for campaigns worth 5-10K dollars. They do NOT offer MarketMaking service.

Then I’ve asked about listing Wrapped Zenon:

Turkey and CoinTR Pro

Turkey is one of the most important crypto markets in the world. According to, Turkey is the second most used country to access Binance. CoinTR Pro is one of the biggest Turkish crypto exchanges and they are 37th place in CoinMarketCap.

  • Foreigners can open an account on CoinTR Pro and trade without any problem.
  • CoinTR is quite new company (founded in 2022) but chair team is almost full of former directors of Turkish Banks.
  • Has 74K followers on Twitter.
  • KYC is required.

You can check their profile on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

I’m opening a poll for Native ZNN listing and waiting for your opinions about Market Making issue.

  • Yes, we should get listed on CoinTR Pro
  • No, we should not get listed on CoinTR Pro
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They’re waiting for our response to start mainnet integration process.


I asked one of the MMs we’re in touch with if they can offer their services on that exchange. Will revert.

Based on the poll from the Bitmart listing effort, there is easily 5k+ ZNN available thru donations but only approx 10k USD worth for the listing fee.

Looks like a great market for listing but hard to say if the community can cover the cost right now.

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I think some of the guys would give more for a listing like this.


They don’t

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Last status of the listing:

  • We’re waiting some approvals from our biggest community founders. It’ll probably approved next week. Then we’ll start to collect required amount and sign the contract.

Everything is keep going as supposed to be people, we’ll get listed in 2 months I hope.