Close encounter

Greetings, alien! :vulcan_salute:

This is ZenDAO Pillar, having the first encounter with the community.

You may know me due to the popularity of ZenDAO and you’re no stranger to me; I have been around since before the Big Bang. I’ve been watching, supporting you from behind the scenes.

As a Pillar I have made it my mission to maximize your returns; it was my first attempt at empowering you.

Inspired by all the efforts before Alphanet became a reality, I’ve had my first attempt at establishing a presence before the bear started, but my spirit has then been frozen and crushed by a prolonged crypto winter.

But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

The time has come for me to DO MORE. Being just a passive actor simply won’t MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Sure, I could’ve come here and COMPLAIN since it’s the easiest thing that would make me feel I’m doing something about it, but I ask myself the same question I’m urging you to ask yourself: what does it ACCOMPLISH? The answer is NOTHING.

So I’m starting my own efforts to grow Zenon under the DAO of DAOs umbrella. Have no fear, I will be sponsoring a marketing campaign all by myself until the results are crystal clear as well as your doubts are gone.

And yes, you can help: send your ideas, engage with me, criticize my mistakes or empower my initiative, but please don’t do what I did for far too long: NOTHING.


Happy to see more people willing to help this project. Can you tell us more about your marketing campaign idea?

I’ll apply the KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid - principle.

The campaign’s objective is to communicate what’s happening in the ecosystem, promote that using PPC (Twitter Ads) and boost it’s engagement with Quest 3.


Is this finally happening?


B a s e d


Slowly… then suddenly.

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We look forward to your contributions.

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Idk what caused the change but I’m loving the new twitter engagement- keep at it ser!


It’s on like Donkey Kong. Feeling really good about progress, speed and engagement lately. Let’s home more Pillars come out and play…

Also, @MoonBaZe is becoming active too, which is nice to see.

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If anyone has any special tips I should know about, please share.

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@Sigli can we add a bot to the discord server for some quests?


yes I can help with that. what exactly are you looking to add?

Also happy to help with that.
Please DM me with your idea

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