Cancelled: integration collaboration

Update: Project cancelled after seeing their prices, we’ll build our own channels for the traffic.

I submitted a request to have Zenon integrated on, any dev is interested in contributing to this initiative? cc @vilkris @digitalSloth @sol – I gotta book a call (not even sure if it’s free yet).

Got a reply from their team:

Hi Mehowz,

I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to touch base regarding your inquiry about getting integrated onto

We’d love to get you started.

Please book a call here: Link hidden.


I’ve contacted them a while ago and hopped on a call with their sales team. They provided a proposal with a starting price as shown in the image below.

During the call I explained our token economics and the different kind of network participants on NoM. They were interested but considering the price and the potential sell pressure that would come from the A-Z funds granted I decided to not take action until we see some price appreciation.

Nonetheless, I think that listing on StakingRewards could be good for us as our delegation/staking APY beats most of the projects that are listed on their website. If you want to I can add you to the groupchat with Kilian that I’ve started a while ago on Telegram.

As for the proposal I will DM you it, I’m unable to upload .pdf files here.


Scratch that. Imma design a strategy to attract such staking traffic directly to landing pages at a fraction of their price! Thanks for saving me the time to go through that discovery call.


Worthwhile AZ spendings at much higher ZNN valuations tho. Jut not now.

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Fully agreed zir.