Business Development: Ordinautz


Could be a worthwhile recruitment effort if you can join this server and engage user @0xflick by introducing yourself as a Zenon community dev.

Username @kluless is working hard to try to bring people together and I have a feeling he will become a Zenon maxi. He is the project strategy dev for the Ordinautz. It’s a small community and I feel there is some potential for us to put some wind in the sails of the ship they launched.

Their art, space theme, and all are quite aligned with Zenon already and they even have a Z in their name. The schizos will have a field day.

Ordinautz <======== Discord Server

I will also share this figma, so you can understand who is who and such.

When the timing feels right, we can organize a spaces with key players.

and 0xflick is not formally associated with Ordinautz. He’s someone who kluless connected with, and with whom he is exploring to align with.

The environment is Zenon friendly.


This showed up in Discord. Was this you inviting me? It looked sus.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 8.57.59 AM

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Yes, sir.

Mr Good seems keen to engage.


wtf… came for the aliens, and stayed for the badass pixel art.