Building a Casino Style gaming on Zenon

Hello Community,

Kev here from BetFI, we are building games on BetFi. Starting with 5 and 100s in few year.

Games will be 100% on chain, and all actions will be transparent.

Here are 5 games that we’re looking to build,

Price prediction
Fortune wheel
Sports betting

Along with this we will also build a DEX and Earn platform.

We have two USPs,

  1. All of gaming actions will be on chain and 100% decentralized.
  2. Users who hold various tokens on Zenon chain will be able to create their own rooms with those tokens to make passive income.

Currently, we have launched in Cosmos ecosystem(Sei), we will love to add Zenon chain.

We are 3 co-founders and 3 employees building this projects, we have bootstrapped everything until now.

What we’ll need to launch on Zenon chain?

  • Community support
  • Grant

Here are our existing product links,

We have existing testnet on SEI, this is beta product.

How To participate in BETFI Testnet?

Visit BetFi

Connect wallet

Claim SEI and BETFI token.

Now visit, BetFi , and play the game atleast 3 times.

Follow on twitter:

Join Discord: BetFi


We will love to here Zenon communities thoughts and feedback.


Welcome and thanks for offering to collab with us!

What do you need to add Zenon to your platform? Our main wallet supports WalletConnect v2.

I see that the platform advertises “no deposit”. How do you manage funds and payouts for the games?

Yes, there are no deposits. Users connect their wallet and play, regarding rewards, it’s paid out to the wallet as well.

on tech side we’ve checked, as of now we’re good to build. As we need more information we will ask in the community.

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I think you’re using smart contracts on Sei?

I guess we’d have to bridge funds to that chain?

No, we will launch on NoM or EVM chain.

Our EVM chain is still in development.

Can you please explain how the casino will run on NoM?