Budgeting The Entire AZ Fund – Brainstorming

Hi all, like many of you I feel it’s time we have a discussion about budgeting the entire AZ fund. Why? Because otherwise we may waste funds by paying too much for things, or we may underpay important contributors which may discourage future workers. Another disaster scenario is if we run low on funds, but still require them for things that fall under the umbrella of AZ.

We don’t necessarily need to follow the budget we come up with, but it’d be good to at least have it as a reference. Things we need to know:
– what are each of the things that fall under AZ? SDKs, cross-chain solutions, zApps …
– how much skill is required for each thing to be done? Pay high-skill workers more. Eg. the cross-chain solutions is very important in the light of possible security issues with bridges

Can do an approach like, while we are at a low price of ZNN, only look at budgeting 20% of the fund, and consider the rest of the funds later when it is not the bear market. Or assume a fair market value price, or go by the % of the fund it will entail.

Another idea is to create bounties for key things that we want, but how much to offer for each bounty? Comes back to budgeting the fund. We’d need marketing experts to lead the conversation on bounties for marketing, tech experts to lead the convo on bounties for tech etc. … and perhaps leave some funds untouched to account for surprise contributions?

There’s no way I can lead this discussion, but I thought I’d at least start it. Please leave comments and thoughts below.