Bridging - Swapping Legacy ZNN to the Alphanet

If you still have ZNN on a Legacy wallet you can swap them over to the Alphanet / NoM but will lose a percentage to the decay mechanism.

Tips for a smooth swap:

  • The Syrius wallet dashboard indicates the current decay percentage.

  • You can use Legacy wallet version 1.6.4 or 1.6.5.

  • Create a fresh wallet.dat backup of your legacy wallet on your desktop. File > Backup > Save as

  • You need a clean installation of the latest Syrius wallet.

  • Download the Alphanet Syrius wallet to a new folder and extract all the files before launching it.

  • Use your 12 or 24 word Mnemonic from testnet Syrius (if you have one) to launch the new wallet.

  • You can get your Syrius Mnemonic in Settings. Scroll down > Backup > Dump Mnemonic

  • Make sure the Syrius wallet points to a fast node or that you have selected the embedded node under Settings > Nodes > Embedded Node > Confirm.

  • You can use PoW to do the transfer without Plasma, but it’s not ideal.

  • Fuel your wallet with Plasma to ensure a smooth transfer from Legacy into Syrius, free Plasma is available from the TG Plasma bot: @alien_valley_plasma_bot

  • The swap function is in Syrius > Settings Tab > Wallet Options > Swap Wallet.

  • It is recommended to send each Legacy address to ‘Address 1’ in Syrius.

  • In the swap wallet process make sure to click the transfer arrows next to each address in Syrius and receive a confirmation tick next to that address before you tap ‘Finish’

  • Follow the video tutorials for reassurance, linked below.

  • The balance of your Legacy wallet will not change, but you will receive your funds in your Syrius wallet.

  • In Syrius go to the Settings tab > add addresses to show the list of all addresses.

  • Any rewards accrued in your Legacy wallet after the snapshot on November 22nd are not credited and will not show up in your Syrius wallet.

Video tutorials for swapping Legacy ZNN to the Alphanet:

Community member Dyddy quick walk-through video here.

Community member Muzzo detailed walk-through here.