Bridge Referral Link from TG Main

We’ve recently added a number of /commands to the Main Telegram Channel. One of those commands is /bridge

In order to capture affiliate fees from using the bridge, I’ve created an affiliate link for the Main TG Channel. The rewards from this should benefit the community. We cannot send them directly to AZ, so until we have a better solution, they are going to this address: z1qz78vztx78hzpyzhfe0hk0mndszrf344na3zlr

By using this affiliate link the user will receive 1% of the bridged amount and the community will receive 2% of the bridged amount.

I currently control this address, but it’s for the community. I think the community should discuss ways to send rewards / emissions directly to AZ so I don’t need to custody them.

If you have any comments or concerns, please post them below. Or if you oppose this, please post that too.