Bridge Frontend AZ submission

Project Name: Bridge Frontend

Description: The NoM Multichain bridge frontend that allows users to wrap or unwrap NoM assets.

Supports the following wallet integrations:

Active deployments:


Total Requested Funding: 15k ZNN and 150k QSR
Project Duration: 10 months and still going (the work started in October 2022)

Testnet announcement tweet

Total hours: >700 hours

Other Information


  • Bug fixing
  • UX improvements

Thanks for your hard work Dexter! I’ve loved using the bridge app, I found it very intuitive and didn’t even need to ask for help with using it. Haven’t personally used the extension wallet, but I saw deeznutz’s video and it looked great. I’m supportive of you getting paid as well as the amount you’re asking for. Maybe you could share what you had planned for the future too? heres the vid below:


Will you be using these funds to erect a pillar, good ser?

@dexter703 thank you for all your hard work on NoM. I watch your repos and you did not mention that you have a fren who helps you with your work. Does this AZ include the work this alien put in too?

Will you be open sourcing the front end code so community members can submit PRs if they want to see design changes?

You might get some feedback here that you were not available for collaboration during the development of the front end. I can say personally that you were available to me when I had issues or comments. Either through DM or the forum, you were available. I think you moved to the shadows as a result of some early encounters with the community.

I hope we as a community can work on treating all contributors with respect and dignity so they can more openly collaborate without fear of attack. Our devs already work quietly. When we kick them in the nutz, they shrivel up even more.


After some thorough testing I submitted a bunch of issues on Github which are being addressed from what I hear, thanks for that.

The app is well thought out, I might prototype/submit some UX improvements to clarify/guide the user even better in some future.

Hopefully it’ll be open sourced, we’d love to submit a PR which integrates one or two Attribute GA events so that we can know which marketer eventually drives conversions / new participants into the network i.e. trigger an event when unwrapping from wZNN to ZNN.

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I’m focusing on UX improvements right now.

I won’t have enough $QSR to erect a Pillar, but I’ll be happy spawning some Sentinels and staking some of the $ZNN.




Thank you! Appreciate!

I’m waiting for your feedback!