Bridge Frontend AZ submission

Project Name: Bridge Frontend

Description: The NoM Multichain bridge frontend that allows users to wrap or unwrap NoM assets.

Supports the following wallet integrations:

Active deployments:


Total Requested Funding: 15k ZNN and 150k QSR
Project Duration: 10 months and still going (the work started in October 2022)

Testnet announcement tweet

Total hours: >700 hours

Other Information


  • Bug fixing
  • UX improvements

Thanks for your hard work Dexter! I’ve loved using the bridge app, I found it very intuitive and didn’t even need to ask for help with using it. Haven’t personally used the extension wallet, but I saw deeznutz’s video and it looked great. I’m supportive of you getting paid as well as the amount you’re asking for. Maybe you could share what you had planned for the future too? heres the vid below:


Will you be using these funds to erect a pillar, good ser?

@dexter703 thank you for all your hard work on NoM. I watch your repos and you did not mention that you have a fren who helps you with your work. Does this AZ include the work this alien put in too?

Will you be open sourcing the front end code so community members can submit PRs if they want to see design changes?

You might get some feedback here that you were not available for collaboration during the development of the front end. I can say personally that you were available to me when I had issues or comments. Either through DM or the forum, you were available. I think you moved to the shadows as a result of some early encounters with the community.

I hope we as a community can work on treating all contributors with respect and dignity so they can more openly collaborate without fear of attack. Our devs already work quietly. When we kick them in the nutz, they shrivel up even more.


After some thorough testing I submitted a bunch of issues on Github which are being addressed from what I hear, thanks for that.

The app is well thought out, I might prototype/submit some UX improvements to clarify/guide the user even better in some future.

Hopefully it’ll be open sourced, we’d love to submit a PR which integrates one or two Attribute GA events so that we can know which marketer eventually drives conversions / new participants into the network i.e. trigger an event when unwrapping from wZNN to ZNN.

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I’m focusing on UX improvements right now.

I won’t have enough $QSR to erect a Pillar, but I’ll be happy spawning some Sentinels and staking some of the $ZNN.




Thank you! Appreciate!

I’m waiting for your feedback!


Bridge Frontend Github repository:

Thank you for all the feedback so far!


Seeing some no and abstain votes on the AZ payout (3/3).

Anyone care to share why?

Maybe due to glitches?

Hello, Alienz!

I’ve implemented WalletConnect functionality for Ethereum in the bridge frontend: this means you can use any WalletConnect compatible wallet that supports Ethereum.

It’s currently deployed in the staging environment.

Please help me test it so we can deploy it on mainnet. I hope this will streamline the UX for users that don’t have ETH on Metamask and want to swap to native ZNN.

I’ve also fixed a lot of bugs, please check it out.


Love to see it.

In the fixes sides, could you update the #HyperGrowth hashtag search to a different term. It was used by another crypto project. Could you please change it to #AlienRewards instead?


Hi dexter, would love to help out, could you describe some test cases for the wallet connect scenario. This will give me a better understanding what kind of cases to test.

Do you want me to verify the fixed bugs? Do you maintain an issue list somewhere?

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Wouldn’t be very fair for those who already put effort in building social backlinks for #HyperGrowth

I think we should test every possible case, on both mobile and desktop platforms:

  • Connecting via WalletConnect using deep link, QR code, etc.
  • Issuing transactions
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting in the middle of a session
  • Rejecting signing requests and then approving them, etc.

Also it would be helpful to maintain a list of Ethereum wallets that are tested with the bridge frontend.

Let’s keep the issue tracking on Github. If you find a bug, please open an issue and I’ll take a look over there.

I’m open to new suggestions, but first I want to make sure they’re approved by the community before integrating them into the bridge frontend.

@dexter703 would it also be possible to create a CTA on the bridge page that would showcase the affiliate program and link them to the existing Twitter campaign?

→ New users that enter the bridge page (that are not linked yet) can find these affiliate links by being redirected to Twitter searchpage of the corresponding hashtag (#HyperGrowth)
→ Existing users can create their affiliate link and share it on Twitter with the corresponding hashtag (#HyperGrowth)

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While trying to setup a test environment I’m confronted with a couple of issues.

Some assumpions I’ve made:

  • zenon node testnet (wss://
  • zenon node testnet chain id (3)
  • ethereum testnet (Sepolia)

Would have been better if you supplied all necessary information needed to setup a test environment.

Zenon desktop wallet (using walletconnect):

  • desktop deep link does not open syrius on Windows 10.
  • web deep link points to a webpage that does not exist. see link

Ethereum browser wallet (using trustwallet):

  • Trust Wallet browser extension doesn’t support WalletConnect

Ethereum mobile wallet (using trustwallet):

  • Trust Wallet mobile cannot add custom network (Sepolia)
  • Trust Wallet mobile using Ethereum mainnet through WalletConnect is able to connect, but causes a lot of “failed to read property error” on the frontend.

Ethereum browser wallet (using metamask):

  • Metamask browser extension using Ethereum Sepolia is able to connect.

Bridge tokens

  • Link Add token to metamask is not correct when connected through walletconnect.

Please help me test it so we can deploy it on mainnet.

I’m not sure how to proceed with this. I think you are asking quite a bit without any clear guidance on what you expect from us. There are too many variables to list to just start testing without a clear test strategy.

Just to name some variables to consider:

  • Different platforms Linux, Windows, macOS with different browsers
  • Two different syrius desktop versions 0.1.0 and 0.2.0 with different walletconnect impl
  • Metamask browser ext and metamask mobile
  • Various third party wallets (mobile and browser ext) with different walletconnect impl

Each of these variables can have different test results. Which of these should we test and how?

Fair. We can keep #HyperGrowth

Probably start with the most used combination first: 0.2.0 + Metamask, and move to trustwallet afterwards ?

I’m happy to help do some testing, too.


Can you tell me how do you see it? Buttons? A dedicated section? I’m open to suggestions.

It works for me.

It’s because TrustWallet doesn’t support the Ethereum Sepolia testnet.

Yes, because it’s a feature that only works with Metamask. If you tell me how to integrate it with WalletConnect, I’m happy to do it.

I can deploy it on mainnet and you can test the following:

  • Zenon mainnet: Syrius desktop wallet, Syrius mobile wallet (latest versions)
  • Ethereum mainnet: Metamask, Trust, Safe, Uniswap, 1inch, Exodus, Ledger Live, Rainbow (the most popular ETH wallets)
  • Browser: Firefox, Chromium based browsers

Also please vote on the following poll whether to keep or remove the Syrius extension option from the bridge frontend:

  • Remove Syrius extension
  • Keep Syrius extension
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If you’ve voted for removal, would you want to see a Zenon Web3 Wallet integrated as a Metamask Snap and support an AZ proposal to develop it?

  • Yes
  • No
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If you decide to do this @vilkris has researched the topic and you can see the discussion here

@dexter703 some issues I’ve found during my tests with syrius-v0.2.0-rc.1 using staging frontend.

  • Page will not load if metamask is not installed and the metamask popup will not show if popups are blocked.
  • After unwrapping a token the Wrap Requests history list is shown instead of the Unwrap Requests history.
  • When selecting “Wallet Connect” with old pairings causes endless waiting for approval. Needs refresh and clear site data to restore.
  • The connection stays active when removing the active walletconnect pairing from within syrius.

I’ve used Brave browser to test the bridge. @0x3639 also experienced the endless waiting for approval bug in Brave.