Brainstorming: Onchain Storage

Open discussion about on chain storage solutions and what that could / should look like.

Can we say an L2 EVM will constitute onchain compute?
What are your thoughts about an L2 storage solution?

I don’t understand well how you’ll see a L2 storage solution working exactly. Using Sentinels ?

I feel like it has to be incorporated into NoM. In order for another project to spawn a decentralized storage solution and grow the network organically, they would plausibly need to have an order of magnitude more gaslighting and rug pulls in order to achieve the requisite level of it_had_to_be_this_way.

Do we have any idea what Sentries are supposed to be?

Maybe we should ask Mr. Kaine and hope for a non cryptic buzzwords answer but something clear with point A to B kind of goals, pros and cons included. It would drastically strenghten the project if that dude could openly communicate in a proper way on such technical question.

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