Bithumb Marketing/Strategic partnership

Hi team,
I trust this finds you well

I’ve been asked to create an account and post my proposal in the Zenon Forum which I have just done

Bithumb wishes to explore lines of potential collaboration via listing and marketing events for your project, Zenon

If this is an option the team want’s to explore, you may kindly respond

Kind regards,


Hi Kea - so there is no “team” for Zenon, it’s completely community run. Please feel free to post your proposals here including costs and any relevant info (particularly around reach and conversions)

We have an on-chain funding mechanism that we call Accelerator-Z - it utilizes inbuilt consensus mechanisms in the network for voting. We can help you get a proposal submitted but it’s worth canvassing for thoughts here first :pray:


Hello, @Kea.PC!

If you want to understand more about Zenon - the Network of Momentum, you’re in the right place.

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How would we know if this is a legit guy and a legit proposal?

If proposal is approved they can contact us from their official twitter/ official mail?


Yes we definitely can
The team just needs to share an official email address and we’ll contact them from ours

Hello Romeo,

At bithumb we do not charge listing fees or integration fees, we charge marketing fees depending on the project team budget allocation and project native token can be accepted.

The marketing fee is pointed towards marketing events and programs.


Kindly see image for your perusal

I cannot see the whole 35k proposal, can you snapshot again the whole 35k proposal? Thankyou

Thank you


Whoever is responsible for business development/marketing can respond with an email and we’ll share more info if it’s convenient

Kind regards

Topic moved to #finance:funding-staging.

@Kea.PC originally DM’d me on Discord, but I figured the listing conversation should be posted publicly in the forums.

DM’d you on Discord my email for marketing inquiries re: the brand.


@Kea.PC you may read more about the process here:

What is a typical average marketing spend in order to get two native token markets listed? In Zenon’s case there’s ZNN and QSR tokens. I see that you mention 4 trading pairs in additional offers. Do those come at extra costs?

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Any chance you can get your official Twitter handle to DM @ZenonOrg or @mehowbrainz on Twitter? Others feel free to add your handles to diversify the validation.

I think it’s healthy for this conversation to validate identity early on.

@Community: We can also ask for validation from other employees, affiliated KOL’s (key opinion leaders), and social media accounts.


Thank your for reaching out. Given the very tight knit Korean crypto market, it would be a perfect opportunity for Zenon to build a Korean community. Definitely something we should explore (provided this person is real)


Korean market + a feeless blockchain with a Diablo inspired mmorpg

name a better duo, I’ll wait.

Jokes aside, I second the opinion that identity needs to be verified first, so we can move forward with the conversation.


have we verified this person is real?

It’s a scam