Bitcoin Interoperability Article

EDIT: The latest version is this one from a couple months ago when I made the thread and the green pill article

I’ve made a Bitcoin Interoperability Article, alienc0der’s summary inspired me. Target audience is interested devs and/or techies. It’s meant to complement the Bridge press release article, as the NoM Multichain Tech is about interoperability, not just an ETH bridge.

Points of discussion:
1 - Is it good, any suggestions to add or change?
2 - I tried my best to research and understand these points, but I’m not a technical person. If someone has a deeper understanding your input would be much appreciated!!
3 - Timing of releasing this? Intended to complement the bridge press release. But better to see some of these concepts develop further first before mentioning, or mention now and update it later for a more mature edition later? I don’t see an issue with multiple versions that mature as zenon does, but up for discussion.

And early on I reference my gametheory for progressive D article; I’ve added a paragraph in the egalitarian launch section. Addressing a common FUD point. TLDR, you could argue if Vcs were present; they may have been, may not have been, thats the whole point of an egalitarian launch. You might argue about the unknowable outcome of the launch, but you can’t easily argue against the design of xStakes as no other way they could have done it.

Here it is:


Read the whole thing, nothing really stood out as being wrong tech-wise, so even if it is most people won’t know, lol.

I would only add a brief 1-2 sentence introduction of Zenon Network, maybe after the first paragraph. After all, this might be the first time a reader might stumble upon it. Even though the press release focuses on how it integrates with the BTC ecosystem, a brief introduction to Zenon might bring valuable context.
Particularly important would be mentioning the BTC ethos and feeless properties. One is obvious for a BTC crowd, and the feeless properties are brought up in subsequent points without introducing the concept at all.


I obviously don’t want anything written to be wrong, but I’m also concerned that it might not be novel/catchy enough. It’s difficult to offer real insight unless you understand it deeply.

As for your suggestion, I agree. After the first paragraph, could start off the premise section with the following:

Zenon Network is a new layer-1 crypto which since genesis has closely adhered to the same ethos and values as Bitcoin. It is feeless thanks to a novel anti-spam mechanism enabled by its dual-coin economy. Its mainnet went live in November of 2021 and in April of 2022 its on-chain funding system was released to empower global contributors.

If you want to create attention with it I suggest you make the title clickbaity with some hyperbole statements around how zenon is the only long term sclaing solution for bitcoin smart contracts.

Don’t try to be accurate. Nobody cares. Be provocative and sell a vision.


Excellent article and summary. Thank you!

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Thanks stark bro! This thread actually has the older draft version, it’s been changed by 50% since. I’ll add the latest above