Big Inches Club House Proposal

New: BICH News #1: No = Small PP
Genesis Newsletter Edition

Requested funds:
10 ZNN, 100 QSR

  • Yes I support this proposal
  • No I do not support this proposal

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Great initiative! I’m totally in favor of a Zenon newsletter and am already looking forward to the next edition.

I like the amount of requested funds this time, but I’m wondering about the scope of work for this request. Since there isn’t an end to the project – it’s an ongoing service – what amount of content is the community paying for with 10 ZNN/100 QSR? Is it for one more edition, five, ten…?

Or will the funds seed the BICH DAO, which will re-allocate the money as they see fit?

On-chain newsletter sounds pretty interesting! It does sound kinda strange to do it through the AZ proposals, but I guess otherwise you would need smart contracts for that?

I see it as a fun exercise in getting Pillars to vote. And it could energize the community to engage with BICH DAO!!! Let the fun begin. Looking forward to sharing some stupid memes for sure!!!

Thank you for your proposal. Keep good work and take care.
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: