@georgezgeorgez just posted an AZ Proposal to gauge our interest level in spending more time to evaluate the ZIP Process. I think this is an important issue and I voted YES.

I posted some of my thoughts earlier today. I hope you take the time to read this if you are questioning the need to spend more time. ZIPs and why I believe Pillars should sponsor them - #5 by 0x3639

@romeo 's AZ ZIP process was approved. We asked Mr. Kaine to create the ZIP repo in the official Zenon Github repo. He did not take action. To me, that means Kaine does not want to manage the ZIP process and is grounds to reconsider the approved ZIP process all together. George has some new ideas, and I believe they are worth exploring.

On a side note, I believe the core team is withholding LP rewards to signal we need to finalize a ZIP framework. In full disclosure, I am an LP and I want to earn my rewards. They have been on hold for more than 30 days. if you are an LP and want your rewards please engage and we might see some rewards.


Theres definitely some solid bottom up ideas been mentionned that i could see adding strength to the future ZIP process.

Every ZIP has to hold it own and bring value so being opt in just fits. Its a vetting process for whether its truly an improvement for the network or just for a selection of it.

Then some things like the multiple implementations, cant be any argument around including some redundancy and Pillars taking the step with sponsoring is perfect and really adds to the start of the process.

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