🗓️ Bi-Weekly Community Recap #1 (1st-15th July): Zenon Network

:thread:TLDR (18-points)

:one: A “Zenon Mindmap” was published. (cc 7nzalh)
:two: Zenon Newsletter out now: http://newsletter.zenon.org/. 3 months of Zed pillar’s rewards to kickstart this initiative. (cc ZenonOrg)
:three: Zenon Browser Wallet first version released. (cc PDfust)
:four: A new and improved explorer: https://explorer.zenon.info/ (cc DeeZNNuts)
:five: ZenonOrg added $12K+ $wZNN & 103 $BNB in pancakeswap.
:six: How-to Guide: LP wZNN in Pancakeswap (cc DeeZNNuts).
:seven: Technical Zenon Docs in works.
:eight: In Discussion: Video educational series on Zenon Network (cc DeeZNNuts).
:nine: Zenon Java SDK completion (cc KingGorrin).
:keycap_ten: Zenon Tools pillar page got improved.
:one::one: New Blogs: “Zenon Social Analysis” from Johnzinq & a Zenon Introduction blog from Bruno.
:one::two: Attracting developers on priority basis, led by Mehow.
:one::three: Various CEX listing applications from Shazz.
:one::four: New Zenon GIFs in twitter keyboard. #ZNN (cc ZenonOrg)
:one::five: LearnZenon covering “utilities of $ZNN & $QSR” & “dual-coin mechanism” in tweet threads.
:one::six: Zenon.org’s website sneak-peek.
:one::seven: Telegram discussions: Dual ledger, Zenon uniqueness, penalty to pillars, using Github
:one::eight: Zenon.info to be out in time. A place for all Zenon resources. (cc DeeZZNuts)

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@0x3639 Please double check which category suits best for the bi-weekly recaps.
This one or Marketing. :pray:t2::raised_hands:t2:

In my humble opinion this bi-weekly recap can remain posted under ‘announcements’ rather than ‘marketing’ since it’s a summary of eventz. Think it’s being marketed pretty well on both Twitter and Medium.

Thanks for taking the time out to compile this!


I agree - announcements is a more suitable category

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