AZ should become NoM’s Fiverr meets GitHub

AZ should become a constant NoM version of fiverr meets GitHub, where proposals are submitted, an open vote for the entire community, and then dozens or even hundreds of Aliens / contributors can participate on projects.

This is maximising value and decentralisation, as it utilises untapped skills and talent from the community, which would otherwise remain unfulfilled. Ie - more than coders can get involved in projects - I am not a coder but have plenty to offer in other areas.

Collaborative Open Development (a Call of Duty) with either % of proposal budget to participants during development / completed tasks, OR option to earn higher staking ratios, etc, for their participation.

Call the development consensus Proof of Participation.

I like this thinking. Ways we can make this an evolutionary and inspirational market place that uplifts people as we build. It fits into the fair distribution model and helps ZENON strengthen it’s footing as a decentralised, empowering platform.

Sounds like a fun experiment at least