[AZ Proposal] Range Exchange Listing

Description: Get listed on Rango Exchange

Request 10 ZNN & 100 QSR (I will donate this to zenon.tools. I cannot request less unfortunately)

In order to get listed on Rango Exchange, a multi-chain DEX aggregator, wZNN needs to be listed in the Pancakeswap Extended Token List json file found here: pancake-toolkit/pancakeswap-extended.json at master · pancakeswap/pancake-toolkit · GitHub . Once on this list other DEX aggregators, such as THORSwap, will likely pick up wZNN too. I’m sure there are many more.

The process to get listed on the extended token list is not 100% clear or easy. I believe one of the first, and important, steps is to get the $ZNN token logo added to Pancakeswap asset repo. We do that by adding the token logo to the Trustwallet asset repo found here: assets/blockchains at master · trustwallet/assets · GitHub In order to do that we need 10,000 token holders on BSC and have > 35,000 transaction (Requirements - Trust Developer). In addition, we need to pay a 5 BNB fee to trustwallet to accept our Pull Request (See merge-fee-bot pricing add melea Two by iammelea · Pull Request #20907 · trustwallet/assets · GitHub). We currently have 1,600 Token Holders on BSC and have more than 35,000 transactions. We will likely need to create some bot to create addresses that have $wZNN in them.

Before I embark on this journey and spend time and money, I want to make sure the Zenon Community supports this initiative. I will front the costs to do this incrementally and request reimbursement from A Z in subsequent proposals. I can only assume this entire process could cost $5000 USD or more. If this proposal moves forward I would disclose costs BEFORE making any payments to again garner support.

For now, I’m requesting a vote to indicate your support of this initiative.

  • YES I support this proposal
  • NO I do NOT support this proposal

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How do you plan on tackling the 10,000 token holder requirement- are you thinking of having a bot create 8000+ addresses with some fraction of znn in them?

I was going to research that a little more. TBH, I’m not 100% sure. Need to make sure there is NOT a minimum balance. I’m going to look at other projects and see what they did. If a bot is required, we will need to spin one up. I have a framework in mind and have researched web3py. Looks like that could work. Create the addresses, put private key and public key in local DB, integrate wallet, sent wZNN to the addresses. Get approved. Then send wZNN back.

I will propose something after I research it more.

Found a good video on how to automate this with web3 and python. Just need to add a DB to store all the addresses and private keys.

I discovered that other tokens are getting approved without meeting the minimum holder / transaction requirements. I need to submit the PR manually. Once the initial A Z proposal is approved, I will prepare the PR in github and request 5 BNB through A Z in a second submission before submitting. It’s possible we will submit and get rejected. This is the only criteria we do not meet.

So I will propose that we submit the logo without meeting the account holder threshold. That way we can avoid creating spam accounts.


Alternatively, we can start formulating a plan to reach 10k wZNN holders of real users, even if baited by some marketing gimmick.

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Listed on Rango Exchange


Thread to discuss new opportunities with Rango: Rango Exchange Listing Thread

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would much prefer this than spoofing the numbers