AZ Doable Projects

Hi everyone,

It looks like an interesting opportunity to take part in a new Layer 1, I read in forum, Medium and in TG which projects can be built considering the current stage of tech limitation we have.

I would love to hear from the OGs and other members, which projects, initiative or anything can be done at this stage to assist the network? Please avoid mention projects that the current tech limiting us (Smart Contract etc’)



To assist the network, vm integrations are probably the most requested project. In particular a WASM runtime and execution environment, so that smart contracts become possible.


Thanks @Dumeril

Do you know if we have devs in the community that working on it? or any that have the capabilities of building it?

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Nobody announced they would be working on it publicly and I don’t know about anyone doing so privately. I think there could be a few that are capable, yea

I asked in TG whether the team were planning to do this or not. Let’s see what they say.


Thanks @Jeron.

Let’s build a team from our side? maybe we can work alongside the core team?

@Dumeril Can you please tag or refer devs you think capable to this post and lets discuss it?

So we have a Dev category in the forum, at the moment only George and Dumeril are members I believe. It’s hidden by default but I might make it open for a while so everyone can know about it.

@OMSBLOCK are you a developer?

Yes I wanted to ask about that category. If I understand correctly people are meant to request access, but when it’s hidden no one even knows it exists right?

I think it would make a lot of sense for everyone to have at least read access. If there’s too much shitposting by non-devs category mods can still opt for giving editing rights on a case by case basis.

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Yes I think that was the idea, to have a moderated place that’s accessible by everyone. That proved to work if we manage to keep the set of moderators small I guess. Individual initiatives will still spawn into isolated groups to focus on stuff, but the overall discussion could remain visible

I’ll notify everyone in the existing dev groups about this thread.

@romeo Im not a dev.

Thanks, would be great to have access and see how we can connect all the dots and build something together.


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I think it doesn’t matter if you’re a dev. Important is the motivation to move us forward. Once we go from small isolated contributions to coordinated efforts, we’ll need people skilled in other areas anyway, that help with coordination, planning, task scheduling, ideas, testing, recruiting, you name it. I think helping with that is also one of the long term goals of @dom_qsr and his az application.


@Dumeril agree.

So shall we focus on building?

Can you tag here few devs and lets map which tasks can be done? If they are hands on or prefer to be team leaders? we can hire devs globally if needed.

Tbh I don’t know who’s here already. Randomly remember seeing @georgezgeorgez, @CryptoFish, @vilkris in the member list, but there’s also quite a few names I’ve never seen before, so maybe some don’t have the same as in telegram.
I posted a message in both telegram dev chats though, linking this thread.

I want to refer you to this thread though What are the communities priorities for Accelerator-Z and Hyperspace?,
which includes some discussions about why I and others think that it’s important to get some transparency into the existing and planned work of the core team first.
Basically, we are on the verge of repeating tasks that maybe have already been or are being done.
E.g. we shouldn’t just implement a wasm vm because kaine said so, but if there’s existing r&d and he not just pulled that idea out of his sleeve, it is questionable if we should start over again in an information vacuum, iykwim.

Just read it thanks.

It seems a bit messy where better to start.

Based on this chart, Ill break it as I familiar with:
Bridges - can be great, but I dont see the value as long as we dont have our own ecosystem, DEX etc’. Having more bridges to different layer 1 means managing more liquidity in different pools and DEXes, who will provide it? who secure it with lock? I think BSC is more than enough at this stage.

BTC Inter. - is it doable at this stage? DEFI on Bitcoin is a big buzzword. I dont think it can be done at this stage.

Wallets - having an explorer wallet Metamask/Terra Station style can be a great product and sounds doable.

CEX - Being traded in low level CEX is it a priority? there is much better volume in PCS. Tier 1, 2, 3 CEX required MM, high liquidity, KYC, contracts - who will take care of it? This is not something the community can manage by its own. I dont think Zenon in a position to be traded in Tier 1, 2, 3 CEX based on its volume, reputation, current stage.

NFT Platform - as far as I understand not doable due to SC matters.

ZTS Platform - to create tokens? can be done easily in the wallet isnt?

Wiki/Gitbook - can be great tasks for the community.

Competition - not clear to me what it means

Marketing - always good to have. Paying for marketing is easy, just need to focus and set goals for it.

Branding - same as marketing above.

Satelite - no idea what it means.

Some of the ideas above, can be done easily without the team’s efforts. Regards development of VM, we would need more info from the core team in terms of r&d before starting it.


I agree on mostly everything. Some comments:

  • btc interop is doable in several ways according to kaine. There have been many discussions on telegram about that, don’t know if it’s summarized somewhere yet.

  • Browser wallets is being worked on by at least one group since the last initiative (warpdrive) @pdfust on telegram I think, he’s not here apparently

  • Our ZTS tokens don’t provide any value apart from being collectibles maybe or symbols of some sort. Probably something beyond that was meant here; same problem you identified for nft in that case

  • we have a great wiki and it’s being worked on actively currently

  • competition; also not sure, maybe meant to provide insights regarding Zenon compared to other l1

  • marketing and branding is also an ongoing effort in at least one dedicated telegram group. Maybe the current state could be described as trying to settle on recognizable identity and appearance.

  • early on Zenon proposed to develop satellites, but it was never clear what exactly that meant. Did they actually plan to start physical satellites to serve the network? Not unheard of. Could have also been a placeholder term for some network component that fitted their symbolism. They had announced a satellite sdk to be coming for NoM, so I think it was just symbolic. Satellites are the apps interacting with nom via the sdk.

Yea our discussion focused on vm’s a bit prematurely as this was the simple answer to your initial question. Maybe it was a stupid answer when followed up by the observation that it probably makes no sense to work on that in this exact moment. Sorry.

But summarized, there’s a lot of possibilities to lay the groundwork for future applications I guess. Everything that’s interacting with the network via existing sdks can potentially be expanded later on, when those sdks provide means to interact with smart contracts. Infrastructure projects, like the “projects” application that don’t need smart contracts but can grow into immensely useful platforms.
Even projects that actually require smart contracts, like the “Milky Way” nft application are possible in limited ways, provided you make sure you understand the current limitations and where you have to have placeholders for now.


I’ve only been following all the talk on the side line. I realise I simply don’t have the time to activly participate in all the discussions. That said however I do would like to participate and help out. I see myself working on a SDK , bug fixes or being part of team. I guess I’m waiting for someone to assemble a Team in which I can participate. Not interested in getting paid, but more for the learning experience etc.


This is exactly how this project will win. First slowly then quickly!!!

@CryptoFish Dumeril is working on a couple of SDKs, check out the Dev category for a list I’m putting together for this

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