AZ Chainsafe Bridge Audit

@romeo is talking to about auditing the Bridge Code. They expressed interest in doing the audit. They estimated it would cost +/- $6,000 USD. Need to understand the scope better.

I’m prepared to fund this in USD or any crypto they want. I will seek reimbursement from AZ at an exchange rate of $1.20 $ZNN & $0.12 $QSR. I would then use the proceeds to market make on Stex. Someone recently purchased most of my liquidity on Stex and I would like to replenish some.

If someone in the community wants to bid MORE than $1.20 / $0.12 now is your opportunity to out bid me and get involved. You will be expected to sign a contract with Chainsafe and be responsible to manage the process with them and @sumamu.

Reply below if you want to outbid me and/or you agree / disagree with using AZ to audit the bridge for this estimated cost.

Convo here on Discord.


This is awesome! Good job @0x3639 & @romeo!


I asked certik how much they wud charge for the audit of the bridge code. Shared the GitHub link. They are 3 times costly. Is it worth it?

Certik is :poop:

Chainsafe all the way!


For some reason I always though Certik had a good reputation. Is that not the case?

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Unfortunately, no.

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I think Certik audits are just good for marketing “trustless bridge audited by Certik”

Chainsafe is orders of magnitude better than Certik.

I’m curious what will the audit cover.


we are still waiting to hear back from the chainsafe rep, will cut them some slack as it’s been the weekend. Keen to get a proper quote (the $6k was an estimate on my behalf based on the # hours they suggested they would need). Will update here early this week hopefully


I told certik we are not accepting their offer. They offered discount. Then I told them we are waiting for chainsafe’s responce. It might be around 6k. Their responce :point_down:

"So it’s important to note that our package comes with a KYC, Contract Verification and Comarketing on Twitter.

With that said, if you want the audit only and none of those other things, we can match and do the audit only for $6k as well"

Seems like if bargained well they might even do an audit for 1000$ :laughing:

$1-2k is a good deal considering the promotional package (because the actual audit is mediocre at best).

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We’ve had positive discussions with chainsafe, I think 0x created another thread with info @aliencoder

Chainsafe quoted same as certik i guess. That’s is with the Twitter promotion.

For the same money can we get both to audit , if we skip on the promotion part.
We need promotion too I know. Just thinking loud