August 2023 Cover Image for Update Post

15 $znn to the alien who posts a cover image I select for the August 2023 report. The image is better in the 2:3 ratio where the height is 2 and width is 3.

Example from last month.

Example usage:

Either you share the draft or you share the main points from the post for context to get a better image generation.

I like this approach!

it’s all NoM related. most of the images just relate to news / update / Z stuff.

Maybe an image related to side chain. I won’t know the topics for 30 days. I’m going to build this update of the month slowly so I don’t spend half a day at the end of the month.

So any cool image related to NoM, aliens, etc would work. Check out the last few images from prior months.

Also, I usually find a cool image on twitter, and seed the new NoM image with the work from someone else.

I wonder if we could use @angelo_a_jr image generation tool within our discord community in build cities to have an actual crowd generated alien cover for every future article moving forward. That would be dope as hell. We could have the time set to 1 month and morph the image with new input as more news/releases about the network are shared.

When I checked the image generation was not directly integrated into the communities but offered as a standalone feature being marketed, but at some point in the future it might be offered.

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thats a good idea!! I like it

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That would be awesome, happy to support if there are questions. We actually JUST pushed a bunch of changes literally 10 minutes ago to include updating the model to Stability Diffusion XL 1.0 (released 8 days ago). Also removed the word limit and the prompt is ever-changing now. It’s a lot better now.

The feature is embedded into the platform currently as a way to grow the network and the city treasuries but the game play is free. I think in future we will fork it and enable it for each city chapter and perhaps each community