Attracting Developers 101

  • ZenonORG is willing to keep paying for ongoing job posts on crypto and related job boards. Why do these matter? It’s commonly the first place people looking for work go to. We just have to make posts appealing, and showcase an active/welcoming dev community. Accelerator-Z is appealing enough with historical submissions showing great favour for devs.

  • Keep a flow of conversation in the developers forum category. Topics will be used in job post listings.

  • Developers need to communicate with the marketing community. Tell us what the network needs, make a topic in the forums, list the best type of talent suited for the work. With this information we can go out there as marketers and select the right places to feature the opportunity.

  • Job boards are only the tip of the iceberg, we can create relationships with relevant dev organizations/communities, scrape/build custom audience lists using automation tools to hyper target opportunities.

  • With the release of Zenon.Org, we’ll be able to feature job posts on the website and retarget to traffic.

  • Post examples:

Any can always tag or DM me.


This is great. @Dumeril and I are still working away on the research project but would be great to have others join in too.

Awesome, communication will help the marketing community do its thing. This applies to all other network dev needs. I’m all ears.

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