[ATTENTION] Pancakeswap - Request to add Zenon Network ($ZNN) to the extended token list: pancakeswap-extended.json


The Zenon Network community requests that Pancakeswap (PCS) add the ZNN token to the Pancakeswap extended token list (pancakeswap-extended.json)


Action Requested

Add the following string to pancakeswap-extended.json

  "name": "Zenon Network",
  "symbol": "ZNN",
  "address": "0x84b174628911896a3b87fa6980d05dbc2ee74836",
  "chainId": 56,
  "decimals": 18,
  "logoURI": "https://tokens.pancakeswap.finance/images/0x84b174628911896a3b87fa6980d05dbc2ee74836.png"


Zenon Network is a Layer 1 blockchain that has been under development since 2018. The development team is anonymous and the community is responsible for marketing the project. Zenon Network intends to deliver a secure, fast, decentralized and feeless blockchain. Use cases include feeless:

  • Cross-chain atomic swaps
  • Decentralized apps such as Gamefi, Storage, IoT solutions, AI/ML and Mobile apps
  • Defi with Bitcoin by leveraging taproot
  • NFTs with a standard where cryptography meets steganography

The Tech

Zenon utilises a dual ledger which combines a block-lattice with a meta-DAG. The network is PoW and PoS. This innovative approach solves for scalability and security. The network coins are Zenon ($ZNN) and Quasar ($QSR). ZNN is used for collateral and governance while QSR is used for transactions. Zenon Network is a feeless platform. This is achieved through PoW for simple transactions or by fusing QSR to generate ‘plasma’ which allows for higher transaction throughput.

More Information

For more information about Zenon.Network feel free to read our white paper. Or you can watch our marketing video.

You can also read many community written articles about Zenon Network below:

For a brief overview of the project with helpful starting links:
For an in-depth, comprehensive guide to the project:
For an examination of the ways Zenon adheres to Bitcoin’s guiding principles:

If Pancakeswap has any questions about this request, feel free to join the forum and comment below.


Here you go… $wZNN listed on Rango Exchange!


Thank you so much for this effort. Really awesome news.

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