Advisors for Zenon Network

A lot of you hate me and a lot of you love me, for whatever reasons. I’ve always spoken my mind and have been extremely critical of ZNN when I thought people were in the wrong. Some have suggested I sell and get out, but we all have our ways of caring, and for now, we’re stuck together on a lost ship with no clear direction.

The thing is, we’re all males stuck in this confined, iron, greenish space, and the shower is broken; imagine the smell. Now, I have a proposal that could bring us fresh air, enabling us to think better and smarter. It’s just a proposal, and I’m open to improving it or seeing it voted out.

I see several problems we could address in ZNN, but the most urgent one, to me, is the lack of a clear direction. Without a direction for the marketing team to build a narrative on there’s no clear brand. And without a clear direction the little manpower we have is lost in sub projects that might be not necessary. As a result, Zenon is losing the race and missing every opportunity to play the market and increase its treasury in order to build long term. TDLR:

  • Our developers are great, but from the outside and looking at the results of the past few months/years, they seem to work in their corners on whatever they see fit at the moment.
  • Communication is lacking, and thus, efforts are wasted.
  • The lack of communication is also the cause of several missed market and connection opportunities.

I’m willing to resurrect the idea of vested Pillars - or let’s say a layered A.Z. proposal - to bring in at least two people to fill the role of advisors. Their position would involve:

  • Giving the development team insights about the current and possible future meta.
  • Informing the development team about what works in the market.
  • Keeping an open communication with the marketing team in order to build the right narrative.
  • To do so, they need to be in touch with the market and be very well-connected.
  • As a result, we can expect the development to be not only more organized but also more meaningful.
  • For this to work, both the marketing and the development teams need to acknowledge the skills of these advisors.

I have two people in mind so far. The first is Bull1shKid on Twitter. The second is Chrono Chad, also on Twitter:

  • Bull1shKid started as a trader around 2014, I believe. He lost all his assets when people discovered where he lived and stole his computers and everything. From there, he started again with 1 ETH and is back to low 8 figures. He also worked as an advisor for several projects, including My Neighbor Alice and Chromia, mainly offering insights on economics and project narratives. He also owns a private (not paid) group with hundreds of deep pockets traders and OGs, since 2017.

  • Chrono Chad began as a trader too, around 2017. He undertook a 1k to 1m challenge on CT during the DeFi run and has incredible skills in identifying the current and potential future meta and timing the market. He’s well connected to the OG DeFi clique and has a deep understanding of what works and what does not work in crypto. I’m a fervent partisant of critical minds and different perspective. He could be a nice addition.

These two would offer advices in exchange for a vested Pillar each, with the first tranche being paid after an evaluation period. The evaluation, conducted by the development and marketing teams, would assess the quality of their inputs and cannot be based on the immediate effects they might have: the time required to be impactful makes immediate evaluation difficult, market-wise. The only ones who can determine if they’re useful or not are the teams actually working. We’d be buying their knowledge, not a marketing campaign from them.

In addition to that, being very well-connected, they could passively promote Zenon if things work out well.

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet discussed this specific proposal with them, so I don’t know if they would accept. I want to gauge community sentiment before doing so, especially how the developers feel about getting inputs from a different perspective versus how the market behaves.



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I think what you are proposing is a very good idea and it will move things forward in a clearer way for everyone and know where we are going, congratulations


Since we wouldn’t be buying campaigns, do you know if they’d know the best distribution/discovery paths once the narratives get developed? i.e. distribute the campaign via X Y Z TG communities / influencers (etc)

I think given their reach and network, and experience this is a domain they can surely advice on. And even help since they’d be financially and emotionally involved at that point.

I think it would be very valuable to the funnel architecture I just showed you on TG. The narratives usually go hand in hand with how users are lead into them. And each channel has its own quirks.

This is a positive idea, I would be in support as long as the metrics dictating the success for the evaluation period are clear and transparent. Picking the right individuals is paramount, the two you suggested seem interesting, will look into them

I don’t want a situation where there’s arguments over payment/release of funds etc.

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The evaluation would be made by the devs and marketing team on either they see it fit or not. There’s no metrics you can use to measure that. Not everything can be put in number and, I stress this again very hard, this is not a marketing campaign proposal.

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Great idea, no other community growth idea has gained this much support. No one else is proposing any type of marketing at the moment, this is an ideal play, godspeed.

Sounds pretty fair. But are those guys aware of that, or is just one of your plans?

I think the direction is pretty clear: deliver NoM Phase 1. I encourage other community to engage in the discussions.

All the dev talk happens on HyperCore forum.

I support every idea that promotes community growth.

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They’re aware of the general idea but they’re also close friends. It makes things easier.

Zenon is more than the phase 1 and even here, there are adjustments that could benefit a non dev but yet experienced inputs / perspective. This is not about taking the lead of a dev team but adjusting the way the work is organized so you guys also gave information about what had better chance to fit the market and the time-frames that make it possible or not.

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I’m not suggesting conversions or data metrics specifically. But there has to be something defined to be measured otherwise you’ll end up with the teams never agreeing when it comes to evaluating it - which would be a terrible look to broader crypto if these guys have reach

In reality, we kinda need to assume that we are paying out either way as it would be disastrous to be in a situation where they didn’t deliver to the expectations and didn’t get paid… Making the selection of the individuals even more important

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When AZ?

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