Accelerator-Z / Hyperspace prominent on the forum

In the near future the Accelerator-Z and Hyperspace programs will be released. The core of these programs is to connect people who will build upon the NoM. Personally I think the correct way to achieve this is to provide a single portal where these different disciplines will be met and can communicate with each other. Currently there is no such place (or perhaps it’s going to be build-in inside the Syrius wallet, but I doubt that) and that’s where this forum can come in handy.

So perhaps a prominent subforum for Accelerator-Z where users can make/post on threads on the three related disciplines (sales, marketing, tech) and search for people to make a team for submitted projects. Make it visible which projects are on which stage (status). Perhaps show on the profile of a user which projects the user is working on, his disciplines, ways to contact, special emblems for completed projects etc.

Also a place for pillar holders to discuss certain projects and why certain projects did not met the requirements. Would be nice to see all these different contributors come together in one place, instead of Telegram/Twitter/Discord etc.

How do people feel about this? Could be I am completely wrong on how this is going to be implemented as I have no idea how this will be implemented. But I would find it sad if these giant programs will not get the traction it needs to have a snowball effect.

P.S. I see there is already a section but I see it much broader and deeply implemented into this forum, as it will be one of the most important factors for ZNN to grow ^^


Yep agreed and this is one of the key benefits of getting the forum up and running now - so that there is a place for A-Z proposals to be discussed by both users and potentially Pillar owners too.

The current A-Z category is a sub-category to ZNN, but I can bring it up a level so its visible more clearly?


I agree with your comments. Makes sense. Would also be nice for applicants to see Pillar discussion publicly.

Also, we might consider a Pillar badge that can be earned by signing a message and verifying ownership. How do you guys feel about that? Maybe there is a Pillar category with open discussion where everyone can read comments, etc??? Just thinking out loud.


Yea depends on how much information some project groups what to share of course, but being transparent helps. And yea the A/Z sub-forum how it is on top is great, perhaps already define some preset “Tags” related to A/Z? Also a premade format on how people can share information could help to better guide the communication stream. A lot of forums have a couple of important threads always on top with the rules/formats and stuff.

Also what would really be cool if the Zenon team themselves would communicate through the forum (and the other outlets of course). That would perhaps attract more people. It’s up to them if they care enough to do it, so let’s hope they see the value this forum can bring.

Regarding to the point I made earlier perhaps some unique forum content could also help to attract more people. Like small contest related to ZNN, but let’s just do the A/Z first and focus on that of course ^^ just throwing some ideas out.

Maybe a “A/Z is live” kinda banner would be cool and informative for new people that they are not too late. Stuff like that helps. The foundation of the forum is nicely done, now let’s build upon it the coming months ^^

P.S. would be helpful if the wiki / docs page etc. would link to this forum. Perhaps we need to contact them to add it (Also the guides etc.)

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We are working on a contest now and hope to launch on the forum in the coming days. We are also considering applying for the A Z to support the forum and engage with the community to create How to and original content for the forum.

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