Accelerator Z - How to check what a Pillar voted for on a proposal

Here are simple instructions on how to check how a Pillar has voted using your local node (works with Chrome and Brave).

Step 1
Get a list of all Accelerator projects from your local node:
Using Reqbin with your local node will require you to install their browser plugin first.
After the plugin is installed press send and you will get a list of all projects as response.
Copy the id of the project you wish to check.
For example the id of the Zenon Forum project is: 1974cdd34f0b9acf646f0013dffdf03f5c853cf26ace0afb6a5e482dfa402a5d

Step 2
Get the vote of the Pillar you’re interested in: Get Pillar Vote for Project
Select the “Content” tab and change the Pillar’s name in the box below. “” is used as an example.
Then replace the project id with the one you want and press send.

The Pillar’s vote will be returned in the response as a number:
0 = Yes
1 = No
2 = Abstain


@vilkris just a note to confirm this also works in Edge. Also the pillar name is case sensitive.

How hard would it be to have this cross check all current proposals against all (or a pre defined subset) of pillars?

it also appears to work for Phase voting - you just need to get the Phase ID rather than the project ID :+1:

Do you mean some script would do the cross check or something?

I just got the pillar voting history live on Zenon Tools (select a pillar from the list) and I’m trying to get the projects and their voting history displayed on the site as well ASAP.


This is so cool and useful. Thank you very much!

oh nice just had a look - if the project has a phase and the pillar owner Voted Yes to the proposal but No to a phase how would that show?

Yeah like a script that you could input your Project or Phase ID into, and then it would run that against the list of all known Pillars and report back the voting status?

All the votes for projects and phases are shown separately in the list.

The top one is a project’s vote and the bottom one is a phase’s vote (it shows the phase name and project name).

Should be pretty straightforward, but yeah I’m working on getting that information on to the site soon.