A Z Proposal to Submit the $ZNN token logo to Trust Wallet Asset Repo

250 ZNN & 2750 QSR to reimburse the cost to submit a Pull Request to add the $ZNN Token logo to the Trust Wallet Token Asset Repo. Trust Wallet charges a 5 BNB Fee to submit a Pull Request. On June 22, 2022 105 ZNN is worth 1 BNB. With a ZNN to QSR ratio of 1:10, 250 ZNN + 2750 QSR = 5 BNB. (250 / 105 + (2750/10) / 105). This estimate does NOT include any reimbursement for my time.

My goal is to get wZNN included in the Pancakeswap Extended Token List json file found here: pancake-toolkit/pancakeswap-extended.json at master · pancakeswap/pancake-toolkit · GitHub. DEX aggregators will be more likely to include wZNN in their exchange once on the extended token list. @mehowbrainz was able to get $wZNN manually added to Rango.exchange without being added to the extended token list, but it took knowing an “insider” and he waited several weeks. We hope to speed up this process for future DEXs.

I believe the first step in getting added to the extended token list is to add the $ZNN token logo to the Pancakeswap asset repo. We do that by adding the token logo to the Trust Wallet asset repo found here: assets/blockchains at master · trustwallet/assets · GitHub In order to do that we need 10,000 token holders on BSC and have > 35,000 transaction (Requirements - Trust Developer). In addition, we need to pay a 5 BNB fee to Trust Wallet to accept our Pull Request (See merge-fee-bot pricing add melea Two by iammelea · Pull Request #20907 · trustwallet/assets · GitHub). We currently have 1,600 Token Holders on BSC and have more than 35,000 transactions; we don’t meet the minimum requirements.

Initially, I thought we needed to create spam accounts but the requirements do say Trust Wallet can decide, in their own discretion, to admit an asset even if it does not meet the minimum requirements. I checked the asset repo and noted that several token were admitted with fewer then 10,000 holders.

My recommendation is we submit as is without creating spam accounts. I can prepare the PR and then provide a comment explaining why we should be admitted. However, it is possible we pay 5 BNB and do not get approved.

If this proposal is approved, I will purchase the 5 BNB, submit the PR, and request reimbursement from A Z regardless of the outcome. Approving this proposal means Pillars agree to fund the request regardless of being accepted. I will NOT sell the wZNN to generate liquidity.

Token Logo
We ran multiple votes to select the final logo. Both votes can be found here:


The approved logo is below.


Next Steps
If the logo is added to Trust Wallet and Pancakeswap the next step is to prepare a Pull Request to add $wZNN to the extended token list on PCS. The docs on PCS explicitly say the PR should be at the direction of a PCS developer. We will need to tackle that obstacle next and is not part of this A Z proposal.


So submitting a pull request- irregardless of the outcome- will cost 5 bnb?

Yea, I would still go ahead and submit our $ZNN token logo- the pros of having it on PCS’s extended token list outweighs the potential loss of 5bnb. Though could I recommend that you dump the QSR portion for bnb and add that alongside the zennies to liquidity? :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks that way. You basically submit the PR, some bot then issues a payment request with a memo, I then fund the 5 BNB with the memo, the bot updates the PR notes, then some human reviews the PR. I’ve looked at many token PR and several do not meet the requirements, but they were approved. Any many look like total scams, shitcoins^3. Our project is legit compared to others that were approved. I have the opportunity to submit all our social channels to verify our legitimacy. I think they will approve us.

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Yea, I noticed they added Volt Inu, Banana Task Force Ape and several other shitcoins.

Point them towards our github- might even convince one or two of em to deploy a sentinel :laughing:

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Pull Request submitted

Latest update. Fortunately I did not send the 5 BNB yet.

I’m going to switch to Plan B. We need to increase the number of token holders.

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