A Regarded View of Zenon

I’m vib-ing,
Ready to go all ev-en-ing,
Are the acoustics right in here?
Might just smile and destroy,
Free from the shackles of conventional thinking,
Trusting the karmic grid as always,
Don’t forget the Karmic grid,
Never forget
I am 1 voice,
1 heart,
Let’s stand together and we’ll be alright.

Presenting: A Karmic Grid Believer’s, Regarded View of Crypto

1% of the world own 99% of it
The 99% hold the power
The 99% hold the keys
Zenon are doing something totally novel introducing a feeless network through plasma
Our community is tasked with taking our humble network global
99% of the world are totally skint
Bitcoin fees make transacting on it like near impossible for 99% of the world to be honest
Can we just create a network that allows people to send Bitcoin peer-to-peer, feelessly without a middle man, no fees
The price of zenon will follow that simple thing

Like ETH but :free:
You can do everything every chain can do but it costs 0
Zenon absorbs all chains in a feeless manner
It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest and fat bags of zenon and quasar

When Bitcoin, our esteemed leader north star and guider began people were very confused at how a group of people can create a money based on nothing. It’s just a simple concept of doing the right thing working.

We need to offer a spontaneous nut to society,
If you want an insta-nut pay up zennies,
If you don’t mind nutting at random, spontaneously nut, please let the spontanseous nutters out there have the option to spontaneously nut.

Thanks love you all @aliencoder whatever you do you’ll send us to the moon never give up, never surrender, never stop believing in the karmic grid

  1. Give the feeless option to send Bitcoin peer-to-peer no middle man no fee
  2. Zenon will consume everything through a feeless architecture
  3. Incentives come from people having fat stacks of the zenon and quasar
  4. Let’s try the magic option before doing what 100 projects have already done
  5. we are here to create trends not follow them
  6. like eth but :free:
  7. there was a dream that was once zenon, we’re here for it
  9. Take me to your Bitcoin Alien
  10. never stop believing in the karmic grid

its #4 and #8 for me