A discussion on Sentry Nodes

According to the Whitepaper Sentry nodes are lightweight- “trusting” nodes that store a pruned version of the transaction ledger and “monitor traffic for specific accounts allowing minimal network usage and resources’’. I had a bunch of questions that I wanted to list out for the community to discuss:

i) Will sentry nodes be implemented during Phase 1?

ii) What will be the exact role played by sentry nodes? How do they differ from the sentry nodes currently employed by some pillars to prevent DDOS attacks?

iii) What will be the cost to set up a sentry node? Will QSR be burnt as a requirement to set one up?

iv) What is the break-up of rewards granted to sentry nodes for contributing to the health of the network?

v) Will these sentries have to keep Syrius running the entire time/aka is this what pillars and sentinels do right now?

Tagging @Sigli here so he can nudge the team again about that #ama but it’d be great if others who understand the network better could share their thoughts. I’ll create a separate summarized post when things grow more clear and when more information is released to us from the team.

Noted. Thank you :pray:

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We (pillars) don’t need to keep syrius running.

Thank you, that’s good to know!